Waverly Hills Sanatorium

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium has come to be recognized as one of the most haunted places in America. The sanatorium was one of the thousands that existed early in the 1900s to deal with the massive outbreaks that occurred of Tuberculosis, also called the white death. There were thousands of people that died and in response to the rapid onset; the Waverly Hills Sanatorium was opened in Louisville, Kentucky to house the sick.

Although patients came in through the front door, in the event of their death, these patients were disposed of through a chute in the back of the Sanatorium. There were hundreds of patients that died at the Waverly Sanatorium and all were disposed of in this manner.

Patients of the sanatorium were often victim to the harsh and outdated treatments that occurred at this time through treatments like being exposed to cold through the height of winter to give the lungs exposure to fresh air and even to rooms filled with ultraviolet light which was thought to delay the symptoms from occurring and even treat the disorder. Although, in comparison with having a balloon inserted into the lungs and inflated – which often resulted in damage to the patient, even death, these treatments were minimally invasive.

In the early 1960s, Waverly Hills was closed down and converted into an old folk’s home. To this day, there is still debate on the experiments that were conducted here through this time. Apparently, many of the patients that experienced such torturous experiments still dwell in the spaces that have been auctioned to various high bidders.

There are many strange occurrences that have begun to occur through the time that the Waverly Hills was closed. Visitors could hear the footsteps of people running through the hallways when there was indeed no one there. There have been instances of electricity working and making sounds, although the place has been known to not have power for years! Slamming doors and various ghosts have been seen through the years like the woman with bleeding wrists, or a small boy running through the hallways with a leather ball. There have also been sightings of a little girl running through the hallways aimlessly.

On the fifth floor is where much of the controversial activity occurs. Although there are only two patient rooms on the fifth floor along with nurses stations and other rooms that were used to store supplies and medicine, people are often gone to this floor and it has been known to be a hot spot for activity. Most visitors to the fifth floor can often seen shadows lurking or shapes within the windows. Some visitors have even reported hearing an eerie voice telling them to “get out” when they enter room 502 on the fifth floor.

It makes one wonder, what kind of activities went on here to cause such ghostly activity? There are many stories, from the fifth floor being where they kept the mentally insane TB patients, or a nurse that committed suicide in the room as well as a nurse who simply jumped from the roof.


  • Lauren

    Freaky Shit Lol, Id Love To Go There To Go Ghost Sighting I Bet Its Amazin Inside

  • connie

    I have been there for a tour, and I was only 20 minutes into it when I caught a glimpse of a shadow up ahead of us going down a wall until it hit a doorway, then I got the hell out of there and sat in the car and waited for my husband to get done with the tour, and I will never go back! I am embarrassed how I nagged him for years to take me there, then ran like a chicken, but I was SO scared! I am fascinated by the paranormal, and I thought I could handle the fear if with other people, but I was wrong!

  • 2big2c

    I got a chance to take the tour.I was rushed through so quickly the I would not know if I walked into a cold spot,heard or seen anything.I do recommend the tour at The Crescent Hotel.

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