The USS Lexington Haunted History

The USS Lexington was the longest serving aircraft carrier in the United States. It, along with the 1,550 men and woman aboard her, set more records than any other aircraft carrier in naval history. Commissioned in February, 1943, the USS Lexington was a hearty participate in 21 out of 24 operations in the Pacific during World War II.

This proud ship was decommissioned in November, 1991 and is now a museum located in Corpus Christi, Texas. Her greatest moments came with a human cost though and it is said those brave men and woman have not left her making the USS Lexington one of the most haunted places in America.

The Lexington had a very interesting nickname coined during WWII. Seems this ship was reported sunk by the Japanese at least 4 different times. Yet, again and again she would return to battle prompting the Japanese propagandist Tokyo Rose to name the ship “The Blue Ghost”.

Today the moniker Blue Ghost seems fitting. There are numerous reports of paranormal activity on board the ship. Those that visit as well as work on the ship have reported apparitions, screams, voices, weapons being fired and people have felt very uneasy and uncomfortable when walking in the Switch Room.

Though there are a lot of ghost activities reported all over the ship, yet there are a few places that the ghosts do not seem to mind letting people know they are there. Below deck in one of the showering areas is where the Lexington was torpedoed and over 30 crewmen lost their lives. It is here that people here a lot of screams, yelling and crying.

The operator in the engine room was killed during a battle and said to have never left his post. He has made his presence known to several visitors as they enter the room. They have been reports by many who claim a cold chill emanating from the room as the pass by. There have been claims of seeing something move in the shadows of the room as well as people actually seeing a ghost standing at the engines as if trying to fix them.

One of the most fascinating ghost story from aboard the USS Lexington first came from a family of four that toured the Lexington with a particularly knowledgeable tour guide. As they went below to some of the lower decks they lost the polite tour guide. They happened upon the manager of the museum and inquired about the young blonde haired blue eyed guide that was showing them around. To their dismay, the gentleman did not exist.

The others working at the Lexington call him “Charly” and well over 200 people have reported encountering him during their visits. All claim he is a polite young man and all claim to be drawn to his piercing blue eyes. He has astonished visitors with his knowledge of the engines including how they used steam and how much horsepower they can produce.

These are but a few of the many paranormal events that have been reported and to continue to be reported to this day aboard the ship. Here is an interesting USS Lexington ghost video of the engine room:


  • yadira

    hey is it true there ghost at the lexington is it haunted because i was there yaesterday

  • Silvano

    I was there this past weekend 6/26/10 but did not experience any events. i wish I had read this before I went, I could have been on a different channel which would let me be more open to spirits. God Bless all those who served on the LEX and lost thier lives, and God bless all those who served and are currently serving. Thank you for my freedom.



  • Roberta

    I will be staying overnight this weekend with cub scouts- will have camera and hope to see something, if I catch anything I will post it for sure. Just hope none of the boys get scared.

  • Brittany

    It is so true, i stayed there last night with my flight/core
    and i went down to the 3th tour about 10pm with two other freinds, when we were near the engine room, i swear i was a man, like a shadow walking behind us.

    later on in the early morning, like 3ish, me and the rest of the girls were awoken by loud foot steps. and i dout it was any of the crew members,
    so i think its huanted!

  • Sid

    I believe its true. I spent the night there on an rotc field trip. I heard many things and experienced unexplained mysteries.

  • Belen

    It’s a very interesting ship,i don’t know why but i felt a strong attraction to it,i really like it there though i’ve only been there once during a spring band trip to Corpus 😀
    i have to admit,some of the hallways/rooms there gave me goosebumps! :S

  • flowers

    i went there with my parents we heard many screams but didnt ever see anything in the engine room ther is a cold spot it freaked me out but the ship waz so cool i had a blast

  • Katelyn

    I just went there & I could’ve sworn I saw a shadowy
    figure down a hallway were u weren’t allowed to go
    I looked hard down the hallway and it walked away
    then when in the engine room it was crowded bit when
    I sat in the captains chair to take a pic I felt something
    touch me &whisper in my go away and nobody.
    was behind me when I looked around weird creepy
    maybe they will do a ghost adventures show

  • Jennifer Bradley

    I was curious if anyone experienced any smells aboard the ship. I went on board only a few days ago. And I don’t remember which room it was, but I started smelling cologne. Thick, musky cologne. I was alone in this particular room. But the smell followed me through 3 rooms.

  • melissa

    I was there today….while near the memorial section….it was just me and my mom…we saw a door close…a HEAVY metal door slam shut…and no one was there..this was down a hallway a bit behind ropes…no one was allowed there….pretty cool tho 😉

  • James Segovia

    This is alsome were going next thursday for a field trip with the Pearsall Jr. High School!!!!!! Go Dogies

  • bieber girl

    me my sisterr in law and 2 year old nephew r goin to courpus in like 11 days i dont really want to get scared but maybe a lil and ui just want to have fuun tho like jennifer b. if tht happend to me i woyuld be a lil scared cuz obisly there was a ghoust folloing u

  • lupita

    we went there today for the 4th of July and when i was in the engine room and me and my family were going down the stairs i was the last one and when i was waiting to go down i heard and saw a door close and the was no one there and when that was hapening it got chilly and i got scared and when ever i was going down i kept looking up

  • William Hayes

    I went aboard the USS Lexington in 1978, I talked at several people with whom I thought were solid til they walked off thru a bulkhead. After the third one in a flight suit, my friends and I decided to get back on shore. Next time I go aboard, I’ll be taking a dry erase board to ask questions.

  • Jessica

    I don’t believe in this sort of thing, but the Lexington is undoubtedly creepy. My great-grandpa served on this ship, so we like to visit it a lot. Areas where tourists don’t go are unlit, so you can be going down to the lower areas and see to your right a creepy dark long narrow hall. Have you ever sat in a dark room and had your imagination go a little too wild? It’s like that. I find the medical bay and the display with the dining sets especially creepy.

  • Hector Ortiz

    Hey guys i was there yesterday 9/5/11 and i downloaded a ghost radar to my ipod and i got some energy transfer voice into my ipod sayin (OIL) and in a dark hall were they have it closed a red spot appeared on my ipod showing there was something there. so i called my friend to take a picture at the dark hall, and out of no were a kind of thick light came out from the left of the pic and at the top left corner there is a face. im still in shock for this, if anyone would like to help me figure out the picture or wants to see the picture send me an email ill forward it to you I PROMISE THIS IS 100% TRUE!!!

  • Mark Varnadore

    I served on the Lex from 1971-1975, I was a Storekeeper (SK).
    Late one night I had to go to a store room, I was by myself, as I was leaving, I felt a very cold chill run down my back, I was sure someone was watching/following me- it really put some fear into me- I felt like it followed me all down the passageway, so I took off running- this is the only time I’ve had that feeling-

  • Miranda Marie

    I went to the Lex with the Bastrop High School NJROTC program back in 2009. Verrrrryyyy creepy ship. :/
    Lots of paranormal activity, and one of our cadets at the time reported that the spirit, “Charly” awoke her out of a deep sleep. Several other cadets witnessed and heard things as well. I didn’t get an inch of sleep staying on that ship, and I certainly knew there were spirits there. Places that creeped me out were sick bay, the barber shop, dentist office, the chapel, and the engine room. In the engine room, as I was going down the stairs I could not breathe and felt like something was at the top of the stairs, looking down at me. And in the chapel, the bible laying on the pedistal had pages turning in it without any explanation. :/
    Nine cadets witnessed this (including me) during a scavenger hunt we were doing late at night. I still think about the Lex and it creeps me out to this very day.

  • Madelyn

    I have had a ghost experience on the USS Lexington. In the barber room, my mom took a picture of my sister and I in barber chairs. As we look at the pictures, a see through man in a red and white striped shirt appears to be in front of the lens. The USS Lexington is haunted.

  • KatS

    I visited the Lexington several years ago with a relative. It was getting on to closing time and my relative and I had gone off in different directions; he to the flight deck and myself to the bridge. So I headed down to catch up with him, using the escalator and as I was descending a man in khakis came through the door at the bottom and started up the escalator.

    I didn’t think anything of it at that time, assuming he was either someone who worked on the ship or another tourist. We made brief eye contact and I thought him very rude as he did not respond to my hello.

    I made my way to the flight deck and did not see my relative so I headed back up to the bridge, thinking maybe we had crossed paths and he may have gone up to look for me. He was not there, but I did see him through one of the windows so started back down to meet him.

    As I started back down the escalator a man in khakis came through the door at the bottom and started up the escalator. I did think it a bit odd but figured he must work on the ship and was checking to make sure everyone had left or was leaving. Again, our eyes met for a second or two. I smiled and he said nothing.

    Now I really didn’t think too much about it at that instant; instead I was hurrying to catch my relative. After we finally caught up with each other and left the ship I began to wonder about the man on the escalator and his behavior.

    I really don’t recall what he looked like; maybe forty to fifty or so years old, average in all respects. I also don’t recall seeing any insignia on his clothing. I can’t recall if he was wearing a hat.

    As I said this occurred several years ago and I still think about it from time to time. I am not saying this man was a ghost. I am saying that in hindsight it was certainly an odd and kind of creepy encounter.

  • candis

    i was a little freaked out when we walked in the lower flores i felt like sombody was watching my family and i but i still had fun!

  • Gueraa .

    I was there with my family just about 2 days ago on the 22 which was a Wednesday , when we first got there it was interesting but i reeaally wanted is to see the way the boat was actually was . . you could tell they painted it and changed things but other than that it was cool . Up on the flight deck i really didnt feel nothing , but once i went inside and went to the areas w/ dentist offices and clinic and the lunch area i had a feeling as though i wasnt alone , and that i was bieng watched by someone . . and i was alone because i was so busy taking pictures that my family was ahead of me and there was no other people . In some parts i forgot which‚ i got really emotional ‚ idk why . . i guess it could be because i kept on trying to think of those people that lost thier lives . . In areas that you couldnt go through especailly tbose long dark hlallways or those stairs going even deeper i had a feeling like i was gonna see something or someone walk through but i didnt . . but there probley was something there . I woudlnt say you should be scared because after all those are people that lost there lives and maybe couldnt find a way to leave . . im not saying your gonna see something or feel something and im not saying if they’re nice or not cause shit idk , but you do learn alot and im glad i went , id like to go again one day ~ O8’25;12 ~

  • Kathy

    My family were there April of this year and I was taking pictures of them all over the ship
    and the funny thing was my daughter who is 10 urs old told her father and my self if we could ask Charlie to stop telling her stuff!!! I did not k ow this ship was haunted. I just developed our vacation pictures and there’s a guy standing next to her in all of the pictures!!!! We are going back to Corpus Christo TX for vacation again but I will not get on that ship..

  • Heathir

    My father served on the USS Lexington for the Navy in the late 50’s. I don’t know if it was haunted while he was there, but he had many an interesting adventure while the Lexington was in port in Japan.

  • Julia

    I once spent the night there for a Halloween event thing. I was walking around the sick bay and some weird shadow thing ran in front of me , through a doorway and disappeared . I’m kind of a skeptic so I ran after it yelling “who are you?!?” and ” who’s there?!?”. I ran after it for a while until I decided it was some kind of ghost.

  • Chris

    I was stationed on the Lady Lex, from Nov 1988 to July 1991. I had a couple of encounters.
    One in Chief’s Mess, in Hanger Bay one (a week after the crash in Oct 1989) and one down in
    the old storage area for the dead during the war. I was doing a weld repair down there.

  • Kia

    I was there last Friday. It was cool I liked the experience! I didn’t really experience Anything too out of the ordinary. Thought it was creepy in some spots like where they have the long dark hallways. Or the dark places you are not allowed to go to. In one place I forgot exactly where my sister and I were joking around talking about the ship being haunted one of the lights turned on and off I was like oh crap lol but didn’t really think much of it because it is an old ship after all! There was one room where I fealt really emotional because I kept thinking of all the brave men and women that lost their lives I almost wanted to cry. I was hoping I’d see something but then again glad I didn’t because I would have been scared out of my mind lol

  • Kia

    Even though I didn’t see anything while on the ship I did have a weird dream about a guy with his uniform on . I specifically remember the engine room in my dream. It was a weird dream I’m just now remembering it! I wonder if it was the guy they call charley visiting me in my dream….

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