The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Hauntings

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum was a state run psychiatric hospital located in Weston, West Virginia. The 242,000 square foot building was built to house 250 patients but by 1950 held over 2400. The so called cures that were practiced there included frontal lobotomies and electro-shock therapy. There were documented deaths there that numbered in the thousands with many buried on site thus making this one of the most haunted places in America.

Construction started in 1858 using prison labor and eventually skilled European stonemasons were brought in to finish up. Construction was interrupted during the Civil War in 1861 for almost a year and though not completely finished until 1881, patients started arriving in 1864. The hospital, who’s grounds included 666 acres, included a dairy farm, water, gas well and a cemetery which were all intended to make the asylum self sufficient. The hospital was renamed Weston State Hospital in 1913.

The last couple decades at the hospital were extremely violent. Frequent reports of patients killing other patients, female employees were violated and killed including a nurse that was missing for nearly two months before being found dead at the bottom of an unused staircase. It is these events that are said to contribute to the high level of paranormal activity at the asylum.

Some of the paranormal activity reported by employees were sounds of gurneys being pushed up and down the hallways. The electro-shock area has had reports of screams coming from it. Full body apparitions of patients as well as doctors have been claimed to be seen roam the halls and rooms. Voices that have ranged from giggling and laughing to ominous warnings to leave the building have also been reported to be heard all around the facility.

It seems that the spirits from the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum did not always stay there. A woman who grew up close to the hospital and eventually went to work there as a psychiatrist, had her first patient comment suicide. This doctor claims that his ghost still haunts her to this day.

The most active spot in the asylum seems to be the fourth floor as well as the Civil War wing. On the fourth floor there have been a lot of reports of strange sounds and banging, voices, whispering and what seems to be constant conversation going on even though no one is talking. The Civil War wing apparently is visited by a soldier named Jacob. Jacob as been seen wondering the area on several occasions.

In 1990 the hospital was designated an historical site and in 2007 it was bought at an auction and now open for tours. The new owners officially changed the name back to The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.

In 2008 TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) was invited in to investigate the paranormal activity being reported. TAPS got evidence of what sounded like a female laugh, strange banging sound and an EVP telling them to “Go Home”. Grant Wilson, from TAPS, also claimed to see an apparition standing in the corner and which immediately put its hands over its head and, according to Wilson, looked like it was “being sucked out of the room.” TAPS declared that the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum was indeed haunted.

Check out these Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum ghost videos of some captures EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena):


  • allison & tori

    That we belive that the hauntings are true and that lilly and jacob do exist. we are hopping on finding inforamation on both of them. we areselfs are experiencing ghost activity in our and tori both have delt with ghost before and we can tell if a ghost is present or if it is real or is a very intersting story and hope to find out more about it.

    Victoria Sommers & Allison Walker

  • Matt Paul

    This place is amazing. I visited here on October 25th, 2009. I did the day time tour and the night time tour. Hoping too stay here soon. It was when I was in the Civil War Section, I had felt something happen too me… My pant leg was tugged on, and from what I hear, Lily likes too do this stuff, I’m really honored that this actually happened too me, I didn’t tell anyone there what happened, not thinking of course.. I didn’t know to believe it was true or not..

  • Deborah Wagner

    I attended an overnight investigation in August of 2009. The place is amazing and truly one of the scariest places on earth. I personally saw a light in the TB hospital go on then off, little balls of light flying around, some sort of shadow thing floating down a hallway against the wall, I heard a scream with my own ears and footsteps going down an empty hallway. I was able to obtain over 200 evps with just a few of them made into videos and published on youtube. On there you will see the two possible ghost faces I captured and a shadow figure which was seen by the quide when my camera flashed. I even obtained an annoucement on the no longer fuctioning PA system. Feel free to go to my channel and listen to many evps I have caught on my digital recorder in places other than TALA.

  • Lily

    i heard so many stories i want to plan to go there sometime it seems creepy enough to scare a person that does not get scared easily.

  • Andy Stouder

    I hunted there in June of 09 and I am going back this weekend (in March 10). My team caught great EVP’s (Class A) and we heard a little girl’s giggle on the 4th floor with our own ears. Plenty of shadow people are there and, though we never saw any, plenty of spirits that can manifest into full body apparitions. The building is amazing and seemingly never-ending. I can’t wait to tour the medical building! the building looked 100% creepy from the outside.

  • Laurie

    Well I am diffently checkin’ it out I can’t wait I am goin’ July 2nd And i’m so excited! I want to see this for myself! and hear things

  • Danny

    Alright some of the people don’t believe the ghosts in the Asylum are real, but look at all the ghost crews who went there, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, and more. I have been there with my Crew ( Ghost Hunting Crew) and have heard crying deep in the Medical Building, By the way Andy Stout it’s a pretty scary place :D. Whoever plans on going there should bring a EVP- if they have one or an EMf detector.

  • Emily DeWilde

    Wow, ever sence I heard of this place I wanted to go! I’m only 12 years old though I am obsessed with paranormal activities! However, I feel ghost proof. When I was younger I lived in a haunted house and expeirenced nothing! The asylum sounds so amazing! I want to meet Lily so much. One of the things I want most in the world is to experience some kind of paranormal ghosty activity! I plan on coming to the asylum some day and meeting Lily! (Haha I’m a freak :D)

  • WV-mama-2-five

    This place first caught my eye when my 14 yr old daughter did a project of haunted places in West Virginia for her West Virginia studies class. I’ve read a lot on this place and actually went there on 7/11/10 just to see the outside and to take pictures. This place looks amazing outside and building is absolutely beautiful! I would LOVE to take a tour of this place!

  • Brian whittle

    Wow all the possitive feed back. I just recently joined a very experianced ghost hunting crew and we are going to be visiting this place some time soon, I have seen the stories and read the comments i have even watched the 7 hr show with ghost adventures. This place is amazing and i wanna go like now. I dont agree wit hthe stiff fee that they are charging for tours, As a ghost hunter i can say i dont agrre with anyone charging anything in the name of scientific research!!

  • vanessa

    me personalty i would love to go and see it for myself. i would love to have an encounter with the little girl named Lilly its crazy how she has the same name as my little girl that past away.

  • Kris

    I recently went on a overnight tour of this building and has so many strange things happen. While on the fourth floor we were doing a evp session where Jim is suppose to be and caught on video a white ball come out of one door, move around us and then disappear into another door. We experienced all sorts of things that night, different smells when you would walk through halls, I saw several shadow figures and we actually felt sick walking down one of the halls. (We quickly turned around and went the other way). I did not catch anything on camera really. I have “orbs” but I am a big skeptic on if they are paranormal. I would say dust. All and all it was a very interesting experience and will do it again sometime.

  • Rich

    i no the old Weston state hospital is haunted. i grew up behind the hospital on olive street when we were kids we use to play softball in front of WSH. coming home at night from friends or family we use to cut through the WSh for a short cut. you would hear some crazy noises and see some very weird things. i always thought it was funny that the WSH never had the gates shut. my dad came out one morning to get the paper and one of the patients was sitting in the swing on the front porch lol. it was a fun time growing up around Weston i really miss it. i remember one of the people in the WSH use to walk in the front lawn and always repeated the time and date he was taken out of the war. a lot of them was actually really nice and would talk to us kids as we walked by the front sidewalk. i left Weston in 1987 but will always remember the things we seen and heard at the WSH

  • Joy

    When I was a child living on Arnold street on the 60’s and someone broke out of the hospital a siren was used to warn the community. People would lock their doors. More than once the police found the patient on our street and twice trying to get into our home. My grandmother worked there at the hospital in the laundry and tells many tales of the goings on there. I am in the process of writing a book about living in this community and how the hospital was an intricate part of life there in Weston.I have no doubt there are imprints all over the town, alive as ever…

  • Ghost Writer


    Please come back and post when the book is finished. Have read a lot about the inside goings on, a view from the outside would be very interesting to me.

  • jewel

    i think its sad how they were treated.Be=ing chainded to the wall just because i complain or actted out!?really?

  • Ciara Carver

    My school took a 90-minute customized tour today, which was quite a pleasure to get the opportunity to do. Because we only live a short while away, the drive wasn’t so bad, and the staff was ready for us in advance. Although our school was attending this facility for medical reasons, I knew there was something scary about this place. When I walked in, the smell of the stone building and the cool temperature suprises you. All of the students in my class agreed, without a doubt, the medical tour and historic tour were worth the money. Also, I took many pictures of the asylum, especially fourth and medical floor, and most have been regular-except where a little girl still roams-and the shadows in the halls. Overall, a WONDERFUL experience. I will be attending the 8-hour tour sometime this summer!

  • Abby

    I really want to go there and experience this for myself. I believe in ghosts 100%. If you guys experience anything plz let me know.

  • Karla

    I’m going there at the end of the month and I can’t wait. I’m sooo excited!! I’ve been waiting to go somewhere like this ever since I first heard of Waverly Hills Sanatorium. This one sounds even better though!!

  • rachel

    isn’t there a ghost named lily that is supposed to haunt there because I watched a show last night about it. It said that lily was born with a disease and she died at the hospital. her mom and dad were released or something and were killed in a car accident and never returned. A few bunch of ladies went to see if lily was actually real. boy she sure was. they brought a box of cracker jacks and sat them on the sink. a few seconds later the box of cracker jacks fell over in the sink and kept spinning around and around. then another lady threw a ball for lily. lily bounced it back. the lady threw it back to her. she did it again. this time the lady heard her laugh. creepy!!

  • Lee

    I have Definately heard things on the grounds when nobody else was in the area but have never toured the inside.

  • MeMe

    My uncle lived right across the street on the corner. The patients walked up and down the streets all day in their robes and gowns. My grandma and all aunts worked there at one time or another. Ohhh the stories I could tell. At night the screaming was insane. They would stretch their arms out of the windows, which was covered with bars, no glass on most at that time. The TB ward now days ppl make sound like nothing, But that was the worse. When someone had TB back then it was like such a horrible desease they were automatically put there. NO nurses or anyone actaully went in there unless they were forced to take someone out. They fed them under the doors, ect…it was the worse part. All the older nurses will tell you that. My grandma used to talk about the time they heard screaming and they went running in, and a woman lay on the floor, the metal post of a bed on/running through her head, while another patient was jumping on the bed. Just laughing. And how the DOCTORS, had running jokes about how MANY of the kids born IN the “crazy house” was theirs. In the Hundreds. Because the dr.s would rape so so many of the women brought there. I could go on and on about the stories. There was a big board that had “color” coated sqaures. It hung at the door. If say you were a “red” you couldn’t leave your room, a “blue” the building..” green” could have hours outside of the gates, and so on. and The ppl wondering around town had “color” tabs on..I don’t think this lasted forever. As stated above, there was a siren for the escapes, but that was almost nightly. I can promise anyone, standing in the shadow of the TB wing on a calm day, no matter how warm you can look up into those window and feel a hundred eyes looking down.

  • Jon & Miranda Myrmel

    My daughter Miranda and I went through TALA in June of 2012 for the late night tour, 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. We were amazed by the whole experience, it was the BEST! What a beautiful old building, imposing and scary looking to say the least. The history of the place is awesome and deep to behold. There were about 35 of us on the tour and we were split up into groups of about 8 or 9 people. Each of us were given an envelope with information about the asylum and a written form telling us what we were being admitted into the asylum for, just like an old time diagnosis would have been done to a real patient. Back in the day, it didn’t take much to be put in one of these places. In fact pretty much anyone nowdays would be put in! But anyway… We had spooky expereinces happen on the childrens wing. Small flashlites were put on the floor in the hallway and the guide would ask the childrens spirits to answer by lighting up the flashlites for yes and no questions. When the children were asked questions that required a yes answer the lights would pop on at full strength, for a no answer, they would flicker a bit and then go out. It was a time of rapt attention for all of us, it was cool. In the Civil War wing, my camera went into the off position all by itself and I thought it was broken, I couldn’t get it to work for anything. I changed the batteries and it still didn’t work. Just as soon as we left the Civil War wing the camera came back on all by itself and worked perfectly! Other then that, we didn’t have anything else happen, but a few times the hair on the back of my neck stood up all by itself. One guy had an EVP meter that went crazy in the childrens wing. All in all it was an awesome experience, one that we will do again this coming summer. We are going to go to the W.V. State Prison in Moundsville on our way to TALA. The prison is supposed to be haunted too. We are hooked on ghost hunting and will have the ghost hunting equipment we need this time around. We would recommend going to TALA to anyone, really, go for it and have some fun. You won’t be sorry!

  • Corina

    This place is really haunted,but i’m not recommending it for children,it’s not your regular scare house. I’m also going to say that I didn’t see or hear anything while I was there but I would dizzy in certain rooms,and feel a little sick to my stomach. After I got home and reviewed my photos I was afraid to go to sleep. Something followed me home,and I have video to prove it. I now have Orbs all over my house. Something wakes my kids up screaming at night,i’ve heard banging,and plastic bags in my bedroom rattling. The weirdest thing is, my senses are now extremely keen. If anyone would like to share pictures,or just want to see can message me at

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