The Spirits at 17 Hundred 90 Restaurant and Inn

The oldest hotel in Savannah, Georgia, 17 Hundred 90 Restaurant and Inn was built in 1820 by a Virginia planter named Steele White. White didn’t live to see the building completed – he died in a riding accident. This might have been just as well, as 1820 was a horrible year for Savannah because the populace was decimated by a yellow fever outbreak and a raging fire consumed two-thirds of the city. White’s building survived, though, and made the transition from boarding house to hotel.

The ghost of girl named Anna haunts this place. She was a seventeen year old girl who, after becoming pregnant from a dalliance with a passing sailor, was completely ostracized by her community. The kids were in love, however, and all was as well as could be until the sailor had to return to sea. She became depressed because her beau was leaving, likely never to return, and her society hated her because she was an unwed mother. She ended her life by jumping from a third story window of the inn.

In this room, guests claim a lot of poltergeist-type activity. Small objects such as keys, wallets, and underclothes constantly go missing, only to be found hidden elsewhere in the room, such as behind bookcases or in flower pots. Often times, other guests passing by the door to Anna’s room can her things being moved around and someone walking inside during times when the room is known to be unoccupied.

Legend has it, though, that even though Anna threw herself from a third story window, she actually lived in room 101 when she was alive. There have been reports of the deadbolt to that room locking from the inside when the room is empty. Only the manager’s master key can lock or unlock this door from the outside of the room.

There are other entities present at 17 Hundred 90 restaurant and Inn besides Anna, however. There is another female entity that is said to haunt the kitchen. Legend has it that she was a practitioner of Voodoo. There seem to be electrical anomalies in this area and extending out into the lounge, where electronic equipment will be malfunction and batteries will be quickly drained of energy. This same equipment works fine anywhere else in the hotel.

Guests often report odd noises and voices that seem to have no source, and a few have left early because they saw apparitions in their rooms at night. There is even a story where a guest reported an uneasy and foreboding feeling outside a second floor linen closet. A housekeeper later told the person that she had been having recurring dreams of a man in 18th Century dress walking through that particular closet door.

The 17 Hundred 90 restaurant and Inn seems, much like Savannah itself, to be a hotspot for all kinds of paranormal activity. The hotel seems to take great pride in the haunting, going so far as to list the story of young Anna right along with the history of the establishment in their literature. They also serve as a stop on the nightly ghost tour that winds through the city.


  • Atena

    You guys missed the most haunted location in south Florida, the Deering Estate at Cutler… http://ParaHelp for the evidence by the first paranormal team to ever investigate the place (league of paranormal investigators, Inc.) and for the Deering Estate Website. You can even rent one of the estate mansions for an overnight stay!

  • chris

    Not true. I lived in savannah for 17 years. Ate at the downstairs restaraunt, many times. By the way, the owner reports it was room 204 and that’s where the “paranormal activity” happens, it’s just a hype to get customers.

  • callie

    I am going to stay in 204 in sept. Does anyone have anything interesting to say about this hotel that hasnt been said a thousand times??
    Im looking for some real true experiences that people have had at this hotel before we go….


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