Old South Pittsburg Hospital Paranormal Investigation

The excitement has been building up for this for weeks, an overnight investigation at the Old South Pittsburg Hospital. Not only were we going to be able to have the whole hospital to ourselves, but sleep there as well. 3 floors, one basement and 68,000 sq. ft. full of history and documented activity all ready to be explored and monitored.

First a little history behind the place where we would be spending the night investigating. The hospital was built in 1959 and known as the South Pittsburg Municipal Hospital (SPMH). It was founded by four doctors and as it grew, several additions were added in up till 1980. This hospital served the community and surrounding areas of S. Pittsburg until 1998.

South Pittsburg Municipal Hospital closed its doors in late September of 1998 when the controversial new 95,000 sq. ft. Grandview Medical Center was built in nearby Jasper. The old hospital was eventually bought by Dr. Hayes who had close ties to the Old South Pittsburg Hospital and it wasn’t long before the paranormal activity started.

Luckily for us, Dr. Hayes started letting paranormal groups to investigate the hospital about three years ago. It is that decision that has made the hospital a great place to go experience a wide range of paranormal activity. Some of the claims are, full body apparitions, black shadows, disembodied voices, doors opening and closing and footsteps.

Though we cannot speak directly to all these claims during our visit, we can attest to most of them. Old South Pittsburg Hospital didn’t disappoint! We will be posting about our personal experiences in the hospital that night as well as posting our findings as we go through all the audio and video we collected during our over 12 hour stay.

We all arrived at the hospital early for a walk through with the director of the hospital, Cindy Lydick. Before we initially went in I took some pictures of the outside of the building, as I went to get a couple shots of the front the feeling hit me. You know the one, someone is watching. In this case though I thought more than one and all coming from the third floor, which would hold significance later on during the initial walk through.

Cindy toured us through all three floors and the basement and even during the day, you needed flashlights in some areas and to be honest, it was creepy in a few spots.
We toured the geriatrics hall, emergency room, clinic area, ICU, nursing area, pharmacy, medical records area and down a back stairwell to what they call a speaker room with donated church pews in it that now is used to conduct classes and lectures during events. This was just one floor and at this point we thought we would have to tie ropes to everyone to not get lost and bread crumbs to the room we were sleeping in. This place was huge.

Then it was up to the third floor. It was hot up there but as soon as the doors opened from the stairway, you could feel more than heat coming at you. On this floor were 5 surgical rooms, a baby viewing room and the psychiatric ward. Remember the feeling of being watched from up here when I was taking pictures? Now that feeling was everywhere around me. Daylight beaming through the windows across the front rooms and still I wanted nothing more than to leave as soon as I could. After that a quick walk through the basement kitchen and we re-grouped at the front, left for a quick dinner and back to set up equipment and get rolling.

This is where our first personal experience started. Angela and I were the first back and decided to set up the laptop and try to connect to the hospital wireless internet. Both of us were standing in a room about 8 by 8 behind the main room we were going to use as a base for the evening. Two florescent tube lights were lying on this small table and I moved them to the corner of the room so we could use it for the laptop.

As I placed the lights in the corner a male voice sounding like it was right behind us says, “Be Careful”. Angela and I immediately look at each other with that “Did you hear that!” face and quickly darted out the room and around the hall to see who was there…no one. We walked further down the hall, probably over 150 feet, around the corner (another 50 ft) and to the room Cindy was in. Neither her nor her husband claimed to be talking about anything, much less telling us from across the hospital to be careful.

This was going to be a fun and interesting night!

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