Haunted Places in Savannah, Georgia

We spent a great evening with American Ghost Tours in Savannah, Georgia. Our team has never been to Savannah and arriving around 3pm we checked in to the Doubletree Hotel and head out in full tourist mode. We walked down River Street, around some of the unique squares in the area, checked out the local artist in the streets and took plenty of pictures. We had a scheduled meet with American Ghost Tours to take us around the city at 8pm. This would also be my first ghost tour and really not knowing what to expect, I have to admit I was impressed. Melissa was the lucky one that got to lead us around some of the interesting spots around town and all I can say is she was still sane when we left her.

Here is a some of the places we visited, for a better presentation and a lot more interesting stories, book your tour at American Ghost Tours. We started our tour in Wright Square which served as the judicial center when Savannah was founded and still so today. We learned about Alice Riley, why the square is cursed and moss will not grow on one side, Tomo-chi-chi, the Chief of the Yamacraw Indians and also was shown an historical marker that explains some of the paranormal activity in the area. It said:

When Savannah was laid out in 1733, the two lots on which this building stands were set aside as a burying ground. William Cox, surgeon, who came on the “Ann”, was the first of the colonist to die and was buried here with appropriate ceremonies. This burying ground continued in use until about 1750 when a larger cemetery was established which is known as Colonial Park.

From there we headed to the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the girls scouts and heard a touching story of a haunting of love. We went to the Marshall House and heard numerous paranormal stories involving this great old hotel. We walked down to the Planters Hotel and got to investigate a room downstairs. A couple blips on the KII meters but nothing happened to concretely describe as an experience. After leaving the hotel, we stood and listened to more stories involving the famed “pink house” standing across the street.

The pink house was originally built in 1771 by James Habersham Jr., a hero during the Revolutionary War. Currently it is a restaurant and still pink. The last stop was the one we were looking forward to the most, the Moon River Brewing Core Company. When we got there it was still open, of course but we did get to go upstairs to the 2nd and 3rd floors.

This is where we did have a personal experience. We had completed our walk and was listening to some final stories by Melissa before the tour ended. I asked to take a picture of the stairs leading to the second story. I did and turned to head the 15-20 feet back to the room we were all in when I heard a giggle that sounded like a little girl. This giggle came from behind me (which meant from further inside the building) and sounded close.

I went back into where everyone was and asked Darius to go in and see if there was anything he could feel. He came back a few minutes later and told me he heard a little girl laugh. Our tour guide asked what was up and I told her what I heard and then Darius told her what he experienced. She said that a little girl had been reportedly heard playing around the office (by the stairs) by various employees. Though just a personal experience, it was experienced by two of us separately and hearing about the employees experience as well there made it even more real to us.

We had a great time and highly recommend American Ghost Tours. If you visit there site you will see they do a lot more than just the Savannah area.


  • Dave Delamater

    Very good write-up on Haunted Savannah. My wife, girls and I often take late evening drive a rounds in downtown Savannah and snap pictures of the many reported haunted addresses. We enjoy the family time together and often get out and walk around as well. Downtown Savannah is one of the most beautiful cities in the US and we take advantage of it’s beauty, history and great architecture. Keep up the good work…

  • Ghost Writer

    Thank you. We have been a few times to Savannah now. A great place to visit and get to see some great places. Whether you are into the paranormal or not, I highly recommend a weekend in Savannah.

  • Young Author

    Very Good Summary on Savannah. My family and i are Going to Savannah this summer, and i am truly excited about visiting some of the haunted cites in the city. My mom and i both have had exeierence in the paranormal, and i cant wait to explore these Ghostly territories.

  • Savannah Girl

    I happen to be a resident of Savannah. I am familiar with most of its haunted history. If you ever need or want to know anything about it, I’d be more than happy to help.

    I love your blog. It is very well set up. Keep up the good work!

  • Ghost Writer

    Thank you and I will have to take you up on that :). I am researching a rumor about an old psychiatric hospital that was in Savannah at one time.

  • Tashina

    I lived in Savannah when i was a little girl. My father was in the military. We stayed on a military base in which I can not remember the name but will find out. The house that we stayed in was haunted. I never told anybody because I didnt think it was believable. So I kept it to myself. But everytime I slept in the room with my brother, I would see this lady peeking around the corner of the bedroom, and she would just stand there all night long looking at me as if she was watching over me or something to that sort. Some nights I could not even sleep. I laid there until the sunrise scared to death, and couldnt even scream for my parents. I didnt think anyone else seen this woman or anything of this sort because no one else in the house said anytghing until my father told me that he and my mother was sitting in the living room one night watching tv and the way one of our couches was, it pointed toward the hallway. So one night something happed to catch his eye out the corner of his eye. A man was comeing out og the bathroom in a long coat with a hat on and went down the hall and into his room. He thought it was me or my brother so he went back to see but the man was gone. So for most people who dont believe in the in the things, it is real because I have seen it. And I also believe that Savannah is the most haunted city in the world

  • Curious Student

    Hey, I’m a student working on a project for paranormal activity in Savannah, GA. It is hard getting the hard-core facts about hauntings. So, I was asking if you could please maybe e-mail me some info that might be helpful! Thanks!

  • Sheila

    We just spent 8 days in Savannah & I can hardly wait to go back. I loved the history & all the ghost stories. I visited a few places & have found orbs on some of my pics. It is a very interesting city especially late night !!

  • swimswsharks

    I am going to Savannah this April(2012) and was wondering were the best places for ghost hunting and ghost experiences are?

  • Ghost Writer

    Might be easier to name what is NOT a good place :). I would suggest not missing the big ones like Moon River Brewery, Pirate House and about 10 miles outside of town, Tybee Lighthouse.

    Moon River, if your nice, will let you go to the second floor and maybe basement. Pirate House you can see the original tunnels that use to go all the way to river and Tybee Lighthouse you can walk in all the buildings and to the top of the lighthouse. All are willing to talk to you about ghosts.

    Little off the beaten path: Fort Jackson, Fort Pulaski and the Roundhouse Museum.

  • swimswsharks

    Thank You!
    I haven’t been to many haunted( a word I don’t like) places because my house gives me MORE than enough experiences. I feel that the word haunted is more of a Hollywood word. I just have people passing through or sometimes becoming room mates. We have a very good understanding that only GOOD can stay here and for the past 14 months that is how it has been. Though I have learned to piss them off, the results were to say the least scary amazing.
    Thanks again.

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