Is the Radisson Hotel in New Mexico Haunted?

The Radisson Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico is an up-scale hotel offering all the luxuries and amenities the brand has become known for, and then some. There’s something for anyone at the Albuquerque Radisson – wireless internet, in-room coffee and hot tubs for the adults, New Mexico’s first indoor water park for the kid’s, and a legendary ghost haunting experience for the paranormal adventure seekers.

Built in 1972, the Radisson Hotel is conveniently located near various spectacular tourist attractions. For ghost hunting enthusiasts, the short walk to Old Town Albuquerque presents a lot of opportunities, where reports of more than 300 ghost haunting’s have taken place. But why leave when you can experience paranormal activity right here at the Radisson Hotel?

No one really knows what happened in the Radisson Hotel, but the haunting reports just keep coming in, so much that the haunting is almost undeniable. Most of the attention focuses on the third floor, but since this area was never renovated, it is not accessible by the public, only adding to the mystery for guests who hear the strange noises from above.

Many visitors have reported eerie noises coming from the room above theirs. Reports such as scratching, bumping and knocking to the screams of what sounds like a woman. And many times, there is no one staying in the room above the guest(s) who reported these incidents. For those guests on the second floor there is a guarantee that no one is above them since the third floor was not renovated.

Being shaken awake in the middle of the night is a claim from more than one guest,  saying it felt like a child’s hands shaking them. But when they wake up, there is no one there. This particular paranormal anomaly only seems to happen to female guests.

With the third floor closed, management at the Radisson Hotel in Albuquerque makes every effort to make sure no one travels up to this area. In fact, there are only a few ways to get to this floor. When you do arrive, people claim that a hot gust of air hits you the moment the elevator doors open. Then again, this is New Mexico – the weather is not known for its frigid atmosphere – and the third floor isn’t likely air-conditioned if it’s closed off.

There is a rumor that a bar exists on the third floor, part of which is in immaculate condition and the rest of which is visibly destroyed. While many claim to have seen this bar, a number of employees who work (or worked) at the haunted Radisson maintain that there never was a bar up there. Managers of the hotel tend to deny its existence as well. We cannot verify it as truth or fiction, but the story goes that broken glass has been found on many occasions, always appearing freshly broken (no signs of dust anyway).

Could it be that the owners of the Radisson Hotel in Albuquerque know the third floor is haunted? Perhaps it is all a gimmick to bring in phenomenon seekers? This is one haunted hotel where a respectable group of paranormal investigators would certainly help to answer a lot of lingering questions.


  • jeness may

    The staff there says that in 1976 a woman was married to a famous politician. He was having an affair with a mistress and she came to the hotel room where they were, killed them both and then hung herself in the bathroom. Apparently, they remodeled every inch of the hotel, for the exception of the third floor. Part of the third floor is the human resources department. The door that goes to the other section is locked. They say that the original shag carpet is there, a beday, and feathers are all on the floor (from pillows, i assume. We stayed here and I had the craziest dreams all night long. The girls heard scratching and saw a figure rise out of the bed and walk over to a corner in the room, holding a young child. Today we went up to the third floor, in the human resources department, and although I was trying to play it down to calm fears, I felt very lightheaded and woozy. Who know?!?!?

  • Ian Moone

    My friends and I heard about the haunting. None of the employees we asked about the third floor would tell us anything, they exchanged glaces and told us to ask someone else. We asked someone in the gift shop, which technically isn’t part of the Radisson, and she told us that she heard things happened there. We went to the stairwell on the second floor which lead to the third floor and saw on the back of the door “You are not safe.” The minute we walked in the door shut quickly, and the atmosphere was eerie. We noticed that in our building, some of the third floor is still used, smoking floor probably. We didn’t go back. It was really scary.

  • Midwest Cap Employee

    We attended a conference here at the radisson i believe in september of 2010 and lets say i will never return there. The first night i and my roommate were awakened by our sliding door shaking back and forth, we ignored it the first time and turned on the lights and tv but then a few minutes later it happened again and our curtain rose up like someone was under it..we both got scared and put on music to try to just ignore it but then a deep breathing voice came out overe the music..we then ran out and went to the front desk and the clerk whom was a young female told us yes the hotel is haunted and then from the kitchen we heard banging and the sound of silverware being set, she said oh little kids haunt the kitchen, she moved us from 1025 to 1005 but again as we lay down in the bed it started moving and my roomie and i said just ignore it….then above us were heard knocking noises..finally we fell asleep but both awake at the same time around 5am both swearing we heard a women screaming, we went to the front desk agian and told clerk she then gave us a free breakfast coupon and we helped ourselves to a cont’l bkfast she put out. WE went to eat breakfast around 8 and the staff gave us the weirdest looks once they seen our bkfast coupon and our plates were loaded with food. but the following day our tv kept turning on to the 700 club talking about the paranormal, we went walking to look for our bosses room and came across a maintance man telling us where to go but we somehow ended up on the third floor, the hallway i tell you was like the shining it felt neverending, the desk clerk claimed they had no maintance man that night and besides there maintance men where a completely different uniform than we described…hmmm..was he a ghost make a long story short..this hotel is really creepy

  • laura r

    A friend stayed at the Radisson a couple weeks ago. The very first night, he and a roommate both saw the dresser draw open by itself. And when they got into their beds to sleep, my friend’s bed moved with him on it. His roomie saw it too. Freaky.

  • Charlie

    My brother in-law said he heard lots of knocking and scratching noises and that he just had a strange fear and uncomfirtable feeling . He akso said he only slept for three hours because of the creepie feeling he had all night, when he woke up he had blood in his ear too! Wierd huh!

  • Burn1e

    I stood there last night and I didnt see or hear anything. I walked through the halls all hours of the night and so did my girl. I had three small kids and my 10 month old son. The only scary thing was feeling like I was gonna die on the surf machine in the water park and the $2 for a can of soda (ouch). We had a blast and I would gladly go back again, haunted my @$$.

  • Stephanie

    My husband kids and I stayed there for the first time in may and had come across the stairs to the third floor. We felt a little strange there but figured it was just under construction since it ended with a wooden door. (No door handle) at the top of the stairs and there were no lights in the stairway (this is near the waterpark entrance). The second time we went was just last month in September. We got a special package that came with some gameroom tokens. I asked the lady at the front desk if the construction had been finished on the gameroom (I assumed that’s what was up there) and she had a puzzled look. She said the gameroom had not been under construction and was located on the second building of the hotel (which is very eerie itself). I was confused and started to ask about that third floor access and what was going on with it. She got a strange look on her face and quickly said “there is no third floor on the main hotel.” My husband and I were both shocked since we had undeniably seen an entrance to it before. She then stated that the third floor was HR and it was in the second building. I argued with her explaining where the stairway was and how it was dark and closed off and she flat out denied what I was talking about. I figured maybe we were mistaken. We finished checking in and gathered our things and headed to our room. My husband and I were still both confused. Once we settled in, we headed to the waterpark. And just to check of we were hallucinating we found the stairway again. We kind of laughed at the fact that she flat out lied to us and went on our way. We had never heard of that hotel being haunted and have lived in Albuquerque our whole lives. This is just crazy to read all these stories about it. Makes me wonder if that lady knew what was going on… hmmm… oh and you can see some of that floor from the main hotel pool area. Just look up towards the front of the hotel, its all glass…

  • Mariah

    In room 1028 i heard a weeping sound by my ear I just woke up from it. My mom heard a baby cry and a door. Slam but she ignored it.I also saw in the mirror a. Shadow walk by it was white

  • neve st little

    About 8 years ago me and some friends heard the Radisson was haunted.. we decided to figure out where the 3rd floor access was and get up there.. we came across the same door everyone is talking about, but it was locked.. we went up the elevator instead.. when you get up there the blast of hot air is true.. but I suspect it is from the pool area cuz that place is hot as hell year round and very humid.. once you get off the elevator you have to turn left.. the hallway goes both left and right… To the right is an office or 2.. to the left is a long dark hallway.. at the end of the hallway it turns left and leads to a janitorial closet nd another door which is also locked.. on several occasions the elevators will come up to the 3rd floor on their own and will make that beep noise when something is in the way of the doors (when you get on or off). We captured an orb that came out of the wall at the end of the hall near the closet, and also a voice that asked “can you hear us?” The rooms are in fact boarded up.. one was broken into that we investigated.. as the site reports, yes, the original blue and green Shag carpet was still there.. upon investigation of the bathroom there looked to be very old blood in the tub and on the floor.. my understanding is that there was ,a murder and s murder suicide involving the maintenance man.. there is also reports of a prostitute that was there.. my feeling is she was the one that is reported as screaming.. but its just my opinion and personal feeling.. THERE IS NO BAR UP THERE… sorry folks hate to break it to ya, but behind the rooms is another series of offices reported to be traversed by an entity that likes to run through there.. been up there a lot.. would love to go back with better and official equipment to fully investigate.. the Radisson is quite serious about people going up there so please don’t go.. its not worth the headache or trouble for trespassing.. trust me…

  • heavenly

    one night me and my sister were there right as we walked in a burst of hot air flew at our faces i was a little freaked but then that night we were gonna lay down it was about 8:30 we layed down as i layed down i felt a pulling on my legs that almost felt like someone at the edge of the bed pulling my legs now i was terrified as the night goes on the tv suddently turns to watching paranormal activity shows then that very night i fell asleep and i woke up about 3:30 and heard little kids outside my door they were doing something very mysterious and scary as i fall back asleep i lay on my side so i turned and a gasp of hot air hit my face and suddenly i get cold……raddison is a strange place

  • poohbear

    Me and my Husband stayed there last Sat. I am a long time resident of Albuquerque and also worked at the Raddison in ly late teens. I had never heard of this place being haunted nor felt anything strange or weird. While working(then again it was just behind the front desk) So our room was on the 3rd floor and as we came off the elevator yes a hot gust of air hit us. I made a comment to my husband tht it was very hot on that floor. As were settling in I just couldn’t look in the mirrors something kept me frm even glancing at myself. We had a good night yet often I kept telling him to stop talking cause I could swear someone was talking in our room. Thn we go to sleep which was about 2:30 3:00 I kept waking cause someone was knocking on the door id wake him up but wed lay there and listen and nothing. Thn I could hear little kids laughing and talking and I felt like something was pulling me off the bed. I was trying to scream but couldn’t and when I opened my eyes there were 3 little images(maybe kids) pulling on me. I was half way off the bed I screamed so loud I woke my Husband and jumped right next to him. He asks me what I was dreaming( I often have nightmears) I told him I can’t tell you its too scary and too real! So the next day I told him and he blew it off. I then went online searching other things and up pops the most haunted places in NM so I click on it and here we are! I’m so freaked out cause now I know I wasn’t dreaming!!!! It was Real!!!!!

  • Ashley

    I am interested in staying at this hotel. Is it now the Park Inn by Radisson? Is this the correct address for the hotel:
    2500 Carlisle Boulevard NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110

  • desiree gutierrez

    i went there with a church we found out that it was haunted we still stayed there ,we stayed at the second floor we went out side of the rooms were the pool was at u could see a lady and a little boy we asked the security guard he said it was realy haunted he said he went up ther somthing grabed his back it was stillfun

  • S7

    So me and 6 of my friends/teammates went up to new Mexico for a baseball tourney and are first day here we checked in and we curious and went to look around. We were going to the indoor water park but then we saw a stair case and were curious where it went. Stair way was dark and no air we shined the light at the door and there was no handles. With wood shavings on the ground and off the door and we dared my friend to open the door and as he approached the door we here a thump on the other side like someone smacked it. After that we wanted to see the 3rd floor cause we thought thats where door would take us so we hit the button to 3rd floor and as soon as the door opened we felt the hot air rush in the elevator. Only are first night here 3 left hope nothing happens to us at night! Wish us luck

  • Heather

    My ex husband ran a shop associated with the water park briefly. The shop was broken into and staff took him up to the famed third floor to get supplies to fix his shop. There ate indeed unrenovated rooms and he stated that it was extremely creepy. A door slammed on him and the staff member who took him up there. He stated the staff told him there were murders there and the staff hates going up there bc of the odd things that happen there.

    The hotel in general is creepy and somewhat slimy, while working there, one of my ex’s associates was mugged in broad daylight and no one did anything about it. The water park stinks and is loud. It’s hot as hell.

  • Holly E. Hills

    Is this stuff really true? I might stay there in a couple of weeks, and i want the truth first. Plz reply

  • Heather

    Yes. Really true. I work out at midtown next door and we Just went by there today. My ex old store still there and now that adds to the creepiness.I stayed there several times and hated it. Weird place! Glad I don’t have to deal with it or him
    Consistently. Couldn’t have been good mojo for him to be there every weekend.

  • Debi

    I’m from Albuquerque and never knew this place was haunted. My family and I have stayed there many times and had family events. We never experienced anything out of the normal and enjoyed the indoor pools, everything.

  • Lula

    My friend spent the night and told me they went up the third floor she said it was dar and there was feathers everywhere on the floor. She hear a little girl singing and heard footsteps comIng closer and closer. They asked the manager about the floor and he said noting to them he looked terrified. Then they asked the maids and they jus kept saying keep your eyes wide OPEN!!! CREEPIE! RIGHT?

  • Salem

    Ever since I was a kid my family always took me and my cousins to the Radisson to swim, we would stay in the two story suites on the first floor near the pool, I remember waking up in the middle of the night hearing what seemed to be people walking up and down the stairs.a couple of years ago my family had a new years eve party in the main ballroom and we stayed in the same room, my sister woke up in the middle of the night telling us to shut up, yet everyone was asleep she said she heard talking coming from downstairs and scratching noises on the door, my mom claimed to be pushed into the bathtub there one night while she was getting ready, it seems like the spirits that haunt the Radisson don’t like women too much. Its been a couple years since I’ve went back but recently I told some friends about the occurrences so we went to investigate, we spent about an hour walking around the hotel, going to the third floor and goofing around, nothing happened… as we were leaving I happened to glance at a window where I saw a shadow standing there, I screamed and drove off my friends in the car wanted me to drive back to see if the shadow was still there we drove around about three times and nothing appeared we kind of gave up, as we went around to leave the last time, my friends in the backseat screamed and said they seen a shadow rush up to the window…. This place definitely gives me the creeps….I plan on staying there on Halloween this year and investigate further.. wish me luck!

  • Justin

    I worked as the av director for the cascada as it’s now known for several months, including during the time the young woman above mentioned, I was there the night APD was called (separate incident but same night)
    The hotel is most assuredly haunted, I never believed in “ghost stories” until I began working there. Still don’t believe in ghosts per say but that’s aside. I was installing some equipment one day in the water park and as I was walking past I felt something calling out to me to go up the stairs right next to the WP, which is blocked off. I went up to inspect what I was feeling and as soon as I took my first step on the stairwell felt an immediate imposing darkness. True intense fear immediately consumed me. I continued up to find a locked door with no knob, and it was pretty banged up. I gave up and went downstairs to my office.
    That’s not all though. The two elevators are constantly having “problems” on many occasions I would need to use the elevators to haul equipment to the other building. Sometimes if you press the 2 button it will actually take you to the third floor. I never had it open when I didn’t intentionally go there, but I’ve heard it happens. But for me it would sometimes take me up to the third, stop, and then take me back down to one or the basement, on one occasion it actually did it three times before it let me out properly.
    There’s many tales about the cascada. From the third floor murders in the 70s, to the chef getting completely caught in the boiler in the basement a few years ago, to the claims it was a mob hotel and there were tortures in the basement of the second building. That’s another mixed up one that I believe at least to an extent. If you go in to the service hallway of the second building you’ll find a broken down freight elevator that’s completely inoperable. Nearby is a rickety staircase that goes down to the basement. I’ve heard a couple times some kind of noise I can’t really identify, way too scared to investigate. Last time o worked in the hotel the door to that staircase was still open. You can find the service hallway at the near side of ocotillo 1 (formerly cotillion 1) and the far side of blue agave (I think that’s what they call it now, used to be called cavalier) if anyone was curious enough to investigate
    Hotel is definitely haunted by something, I can guarantee that.
    PS. If you were curious about the second building, the meeting rooms are on the second floor. There used to be a way in to ocotillo because it couldn’t lock. Not sure if that’s still the case. The staircase should lead to what I think used to be the old second building kitchen, which only makes sense. From there, Ive been told, is another staircase that leads to the basement. There are stairs going down, top where I have no idea, outside in the center area, where the putting green is. I don’t know if that’s open, only know the stairs are there. Don’t do anything to get yourself in trouble though, that’s all I can say :)

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