The Paranormal at Sachs Bridge

Gettysburg will forever be associated with one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. Three days in July that changed not only the landscape of the war but permanently changed the direction of a nation. One of the places closely associated with this battle is a 100 foot long covered bridge called Sachs Bridge and now the paranormal activity there makes it one of the most haunted places in America.

The bridge was originally built in 1854 by David Spooner in spans the Marsh Creek. It is built with a truce and lattice support system and it not only survived the battle, it also survived a flood in 1996 that washed it nearly 100 yards downstream. With a combination of the citizens of Gettysburg and local government, the bridge was not only restored but they were able to save almost 90% of the original truss and lattice design as well as raise it 3 feet to help prevent a re-occurrence during high waters.

Both the Union and Confederates used this bridge but after day 2 of the battle it stayed on the Confederate side until their retreat days later. Not unsurprisingly, the highway department determined Sachs Bridge to be the most historic covered bridge in the state, in 1968 the bridge was closed to automobile traffic and in 1980 it was listed on the in the National Register of Historic Places. It is also called by many who have investigated one of the most active paranormal spots in Gettysburg.

During the retreat of the Army of Northern Virginia, Lee was worried of attacks on his battle worn army. He decided to split it up and send some towards Virginia via Cashtown and some by way of Sachs Bridge. Near the bridge was a post battlefield hospital set up and it is this as well as the men left to die along the bridge that lay claim to the paranormal pictures and experiences here.

Visitors have claimed to feel a heavy sadness when at the bridge as well as a strong feeling that they are unwanted there and are always being watched. We happened to visit Sachs Bridge late one evening on the last day of our visit to Gettysburg. I don’t claim to be sensitive or have psychic abilities but there is heaviness in the air there that cannot be denied.

There is a story containing a darker side to the Sachs Bridge as well. The story is of 3 men hung from the rafters there. Some research I have read tell of 3 Confederate soldiers caught as spies and hung, some claim that the three soldiers were deserters and hung and one claims that it was three men caught stealing in the area and hung. The only thing for sure is that these men were hung from the rafters of the bridge and left to die.

Pictures taken from the bridge at night have shown strange orbs and streaking lights in them that were not there to the naked eye. There have been claims of hearing canon and gun fire from the fields around Sachs Bridge as well as apparitions and sounds of running horses. There have also been reports of screams, footsteps coming across the bridge and strange mists. There is also an angry spirit or spirits there, some claim associated with the hanged men, which do not want anyone there.

Though we were not fortunate enough to see the bridge during the day, it seems from pictures to be a beautiful place right out of a story book. At night however, there is something in the air that transforms this bridge into another time. Maybe there are forces present that would rather be left alone, I don’t know, but next time you are their pay a visit to Sachs Bridge and see for yourself.


  • william longacre

    My girl friend and i capture evps on the bridge one telling me to move quite forceable and another of what sounds like a young boy saying i did not do it alone very clear. We also captured some very intresting orbs but the best pics are down the path across from the bridge with a soldiger materializeing out of the mist with a rifle over his right shoulder it was very active when this occurred and pretty scary I consider my self to be a sensative and this trip is one i will never forget we are planning to go back when its colder and have a series of planned questions to try and find out who is actually haunting the bridge. As far as the path goes i get the sense that there are alot of bodies buried down on the right at the end of the path along the high bank below the corn field.

  • Sue W

    I have been there on a few occasions and have captured something paranormal every time. Although we took many photos, the activity we obtained was on a voice recorder. At night (on a tour) I was walking across the bridge alone and had turned on the recorder. As I listened to it the next day, there was a distinct male voice that said “go home!” It was recorded directly after my voice said “you blinded me!” as my daughter at the other end of the bridge had snapped a picture.

    The next day we went back and my daughter captured a voice on her recorder that said “I am ….. (we think she said Winifred” and then “help me” when my daughter asked if anyone wanted to say anything. Of course we didn’t hear this until later too. This was on October 30, 2010. We plan on spending a few days there in June. Sach’s bridge will be our first stop!

  • Ghost Writer

    Interesting Sue, we have also gotten “help me” on a recorder with what seems to us to be a female voice as well.

  • lizzie

    it was definitely 1852 and david s. stoner…but stuff definitely happens there. even in the daytime. ive witnessed quite a lot there.

  • Kayla

    Today my sis and her friend and I went to the bridge. To take pictures for scenic purposes. My sisters friend kept feeling like she was being followEd. When we reviewed the pictures we found out there is something by this woman. Kinda looks like there is face and it appeara to be what we believe to be a too hat.. But idk we are going to post the picture then. Sadly enough people have misused Ouija boards there. So some of what we catch there may not be soildera could be something unknown or farm.. We may never know. Lol..


    I was at the bridge at night in late November 2010. Took 3 photos of the tree next to the bridge entrance (right side of the West end). The first two photos showed nothing. The third showed a mist with, what I counted to be 7 spectral (human) faces. An 8th face was VERY clear and did not look human. It looked like a gargoyle (A goat with a protruding snout and long, pointed ears). The people in town told me there have been Satanic rituals conducted at the bridge….so, if you go “don’t go alone”. By the way, I had a severe chill during my visit that night and a stiff neck for two months after. Coincidence? I returned again in November 2011 and tried to repeat my findings. Nothing. Maybe I “lucked out” and caught the multiple spirts “warping in” from another dimension during my visit in 2010. On my last visit I did witness a cigarette being smoked by a ghost the tour conductor called “Tennesee”. Was it real? Don’t know. My photos, though ARE real and leave no doubt in my mind there are “things” out there!

  • TRACY W.

    Just went the week of Dec 27th and 28 2011 and caught an orb top right of the bridge as you stand by the entrance. I’m still studying the pics and my digital recorder and have already spotted several ghostly faces, a red mist by the path on the right of the entrance which was strange and what looks to be a Union Soldier on patrol, right on the edge og the woods to the left of the entrance. Caught a male exhale. I think he wanted us to leave and may not have appreciated our jokes.

  • kevin b

    I have been to Sach’s bridge many times but this last time asked the question “Is there any one who wants to talk with us?” A very clear and loud voice on the recorder answers “Paul Wheaton” The voice was as loud and clear as my voice asking the question … he spoke right into the recorder … still gives me chills everytime I listen to it.

  • Caleb C.

    Reply to BADGUY’s comment. its funny cause today i went to Sachs Bridge. I caught plainly in this 1 photo over 3 faces that look like phantoms and bought made me mess myself. i definately believe in The ghost of Sachs Bridge

  • Donna O.

    Went to the bridge 2 weeks ago in daylight. My husband got an instant earache on the bridge that disappeared when he walked off the bridge. I videotaped the bridge while we were the only ones there. Upon checking my tape, after I stated that it was scenic but very hot out today…..a female voice clearly repeats the dragged out word of HOT. This voice was not apparent in person on the bridge.

  • Professor Peter Fong

    I have visited the Sach’s Covered Bridge well over 100 times in 18 years and have NEVER, I repeat NEVER felt any sense of sadness, nor have I ever seen anything
    paranormal. I have been there during the daylight and at night. It is one of the most
    peaceful, quiet and beautiful places in Adams County. All of this talk of paranormal
    activity is rubbish.

  • Charles Livick

    I have been to Sach’s bridge numerous times both at night and day. A beautiful yet sad site where many from the battle of Gettysburg past prior and after the battle. Have had some interesting pictures and evp’s from this area.

  • Gail

    I was just at Sachs bridge Sunday night and took tons of pictures…and upon farther searching my pics I have captured a pic of a childs face. Looks like a normal orb until you enlarge it a couple times and you can clearly see his eyes, nose, mouth, ear and hair line. Completely awesome.

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