Paranormal Podcast With Jim Harold

Not many people can combine their career with a lifelong interest. Jim Harold is one of those people. Jim has over 10 years experience working on the business side of broadcasting. In 2005, he decided to combine his broadcasting training with his love of paranormal and the result is the most successful podcasts of its type being recorded.

Don’t tune in expecting gimmicks, or to buy the latest and greatest anything. The Paranormal Podcast takes a serious look at the paranormal. As Jim says, “We are on a quest to learn more”, and lucky for us he has invited everyone along on the journey to find which stories out there are real.

On his paranormal podcast, Jim Harold has interviewed the movers and shakers of the world of the unknown about their theories and viewpoints. Guests have included Stanton Friedman, Jim Marrs, Mary Ellen Guiley and many more experts on the paranormal. Topics include UFOs, ghosts, psychics, conspiracy theories and much more.

There is also a new podcast format being introduced, Jim Harold’s Campfire where listeners share their own stories of the paranormal. Now his listeners can be part of the show as well. For listeners who want to share their paranormal stories, they can sign on and have their stories recorded to be used in upcoming podcasts. Due to the popularity of this new podcast, all that is asked is that you can share your story in about 10 minutes so they can get in as many stories as possible in one show.

Most listeners remark that they appreciate the professional quality of the program which distinguishes it from many paranormal podcasts. The full show archive for both programs is free and available on the website for listening right at the site or iTunes users can subscribe for free.

Jim also has set up a community through his site to let people discuss not only his shows but also the latest happenings in the paranormal field. If you have an interest in the paranormal and want to listen to a highly professional produced podcast, possibly have your story used and/or get involved in a great community of people, then we suggest Jim Harold.

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