Paranormal Investigation: Deland Artisan Inn

The Ghost Eyes team had the pleasure of being included in an overnight investigation of the Artisan Inn in Deland Florida organized by Southern Ghosts. We made our way South from our Savannah tour early Saturday morning and along the way stopped by the St. Augustine Lighthouse and the Castillo de San Marcos. We arrived in Deland at the Artisan right before check in time. Heather was at the front desk, checked us in and showed us our room! That’s right no – “There is the elevator, go find it” she walked us to our room. I knew then this was not going to be an ordinary stay.

Our night would begin at 8pm with a ghost tour around Deland and ending back at the hotel for a little history before our investigation began in earnest. The hotel was built by Edwin Barnhill for his wife Jeanette. Construction started in 1924 and ended in 1927. The hotel featured over 40 rooms and what was considered a luxury for that era, each room had a sink and two rooms shared one bath.

Unfortunately after only being open a year Jeanette died and Edwin started acting strange. Eventually Edwin was declared insane a year later. The hotel deteriorated and in the 70’s became a flop house and was called The Landmark. The clientele mainly consisted of drug users, prostitutes and the homeless. A lot of deaths would be associated with the hotel during this time. In 1985 the hotel was purchased by the Barnhill Corporation and for the next 12 years stood boarded up, deteriorating.

In 1996 the hotel was purchased by two brothers and renovation began. The renovation was hard work bringing the old building up to code but in 1999 the hotel and connecting restaurant was re-named the Artisan Inn. Though the Artisan has been brought up to modern code during renovations, it still manages to capture the feel of home. It has character and an elegant touch from a time past. The staff was fantastic, rooms were great and we cannot wait to get back.

As far as paranormal activity the psychics that have visited the Artisan Inn have claimed there are 13 ghost in this building of which two are children so we were looking forward to a great investigation. The Inn has rooms on the third floor and the second floor has been turned into two meeting rooms and a large banquet room. There were 8 of us total and after a briefing in the meeting room; we split into two groups of four. One group upstairs in the rooms and one in the banquet room, our investigation would start in the banquet room.

One of the reports coming from the this area is that of a young prostitute that was hogged tied and strangled in one of the rooms that was eliminated to make the banquet room. In our first session in this room we discovered two areas that the EMF detector would read higher starting about a foot off the ground and stopping about 6 feet off the ground with no explainable reason to be offered.

Two of our investigators had personal experiences in this room. After spending a few minutes in the room Angela would feel as if her head was being squeezed, she said like it was in a vice and immediately upon leaving the room it would stop. This happened to her every time we entered the room. Darius was sitting alone in the middle of the room when he felt, what he described as a “pinch” to his arm followed by the right side of his head aching like it was bruised.

It was time to switch and for us to head upstairs to the rooms and we decided to take a little break, get some air and a drink. Before we head up we get a little history of the chair sitting right outside our room, just what you want to hear about the place you will be sleeping!

Still have some video to go through and will post how the investigation ended and any evidence we find in next post.

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