Paranormal Activity at the Landon House

The Landon house was originally built in 1754 right on the Rappahannock River in Virginia where it would function as a silk mill. Over 85 years later in 1840, it was moved to Urbana, Maryland and became the Shirley Female Academy and later on served as the Landon Military Academy and Institute.

It was not uncommon during this time to keep slaves locked in the basement as well as reports that dogs were also keep there, though it is not clear if the dogs were used as a deterrent or actual security. During the Confederates march into Maryland, General J.E.B. Stuart took ownership of the Landon home.

This grand home had seen its fair share of high society’s events and parties during its lifetime but probably the most famous was one of its last. Referred to as the Sabers and Roses Ball, this dance was one of the last great southern events as it ended just 24 hours before the Battle of Antietam, considered now one of the bloodiest days in American history.

It was during this battle that the Landon house turned from a grand stage for southern high society to a make shift hospital for both the northern and southern soldiers. It was here that many of the soldiers that came for care died of their injuries, infections or sickness and never have left. It has been reported that the home was full of men screaming in pain, begging for help and praying.

Today there are still remnants of the past on the walls in the way of signed and dated sketches from the days of the war. The portraits of President Abraham Lincoln, Southern President Jefferson Davis, and General Robert E. Lee still hang in the lobby area.

Which so much tragedy associated with the Landon House it is no wonder a place with a lot of paranormal activity. In the basement were many slaves died from the lack of sanitary conditions, sickness and abuse, you can feel cold spots and even sometimes get touched by ghosts. Most visitors report a feeling of being watched while in the basement. There have also been claims and even EVP’s captured of dogs barking emanating from the basement.

There has also been reports of an apparition of a women dressed in white who appears on the second floor. She checks in on several rooms and is thought to be from the time when the home was an academy for women and this woman is still looking in on and tucking in the children on the floor.
There have also been several claims of what seems to be residual haunting of Civil War soldiers.

A residual haunting is basically characterized as an energy imprint that keeps replaying, like a movie, with no interaction from the ghosts themselves. Apparitions of Civil War soldiers have been reportedly seen walking in the front door and up the steps, disappearing when they reached the top.

There has also been a report from some workers doing some construction work in the back of the house. These workers claim that a Union soldier walked out of the woods, waved at them and turned around a walked back in the woods. There was no one on the property at the time dressed as a Union soldier.

Currently the Landon House can be rented for special occasions like weddings, birthday parties and school reunions. Included with a booked party is a free historic tour or ghost walk.

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