The Magnolia Mansion Haunts

New Orleans Magnolia Mansion was featured on the today show in 2006 and voted one of the top ten romantic inns in America in 2007. This retreat for adults only is the perfect getaway taking you back in to the 19th century in its grandeur and style. Gather up someone special and head south for a great vacation but don’t think you will be totally alone because Magnolia Mansion is one of the most haunted places in America.

The Magnolia Mansion was started in 1857 by Alexander Harris. The mansion was completed in 1858 and he and his young bride, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Johnson Thompson moved in. All went well until 1869 when tragedy first struck the Harris’s. Alexander and his brother Aaron died in the mansion within a 24 hour period apparently from Yellow Fever. They were both buried July 20th, 1869.

The mansion only had three other owners. The Maginnis family bought the property from Lizzie in 1879 and kept it till 1939. It was then sold to the American Red Cross who functioned out the home till 1954. Currently it is owned by Hollie Diann Vest and her mother who bought the property in late 2001 and begun the painstaking restoration. It is said that it took them and a crew 12 hour days at 7 days a week to complete the renovation by early 2002.

It was during this time that the paranormal activity is said to have begun. Even though it is reported that Hollie would explain her plans out loud to whomever would listen, it seems that some of the spirits calling Magnolia Mansion home was not so sure of the results. It is said that construction was halted one day after about a month of working when the crew found an oily substance covering the floors and walls. It is reported Hollie again proclaimed to the house that they were trying to make the mansion look as it had before. This seemed to have an effect for a while.

There was one other unexplained event that happened in the dining room area right as the renovations were coming to an end. It is claimed a door weighing close to 300 lbs. slammed to the ground. The door fell with such force that a housekeeper was sure that a gun had been discharged. A worker was on the phone with his girlfriend when this occurred and reports that there was no wind blowing and certainly none hard enough to knock that heavy door down. This worker proceeded to walk off the job site and never returned.

The Magnolia Mansion is now a Bed and Breakfast and guests have claimed paranormal activity ever since it opened. There are several pictures containing orbs and strange mists. There have been claims of strange noises and footsteps, faces in mirrors and even guests claiming to be touched. There have been reports of a spirit housekeeper who tucks people in at night and an apparition of a little girl running the hall ways.

It seems that all the guests staying at the bed and breakfast have a nice relaxing time and enjoy the fine dining offered and 19th century ambiance. So good that it seems that the there are a few that have never left.


  • Stephanie

    Me and some friends went out there a long time ago, most likely the weekend after it was shown on the ghost show with Linda Blair. At that time, there was no one there, deserted, and not as scary as television made it out to be. Since there was no trespassing signs everywhere and my friends were “soon to be” lawyers, we didnt “break in” or get to close to the house. It is a nice little drive though in the woods. If you go, take bug spray……..Lots of bugs……..

  • Ghost Writer

    As we did the research on this we were discussing a possible trip to New Orleans. Would make for a good ghost adventure so thanks for the tip – will add bug spray to the list :).

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