The Haunts of Miss Molly’s Bed and Breakfast

Miss Molly’s Bed and Breakfast is located in Fort Worth, Texas only a couple blocks away from the old Fort Worth Stockyards and sits atop the Star Café. The building itself has a history starting in 1910 as a most proper boarding house and has gone through several transformations including a speak-easy during prohibition and a bordello. Currently it has 8 themed guest rooms and is considered the oldest B&B in Fort Worth. It is always booked, with or without guests as it is one of the most haunted places in America.

In the late 19th century Fort Worth was the beginning of the Chisholm Trail. This is the famous cattle drive trail that went through Texas to the railroads in Kansas City. As the livestock market grew so did Fort Worth and you could find numerous blacksmith shops, hide dealers, wagon yards and saloons. Eventually in 1920 there was a call for a sophisticated boarding house and the Palace Room was built.

In later years and the coming of prohibition, the boarding house was sold and was turned into a speak-easy called the Oasis. This was a very popular place as you could imagine with some of the clientele coming through town. With the authorities looking the other way the illegal drinking established prospered.

With the class and elegance of the boarding house buried deep in time, in the 1940’s the building the Gayatte Hotel, a popular bordello. As you can imagine some of the people using the services offered here where not the best society had to offer and unfortunately some of the women working paid the ultimate price for working there.

After the bordello had run its course, the building was again bought and renovated into what it is currently today. The Star Café on the ground floor and Miss Molly’s Bed and Breakfast located above it. It seems, however that a lot of the former quests and employees of the building throughout its history have remained through the years and still walk around the building causing a lot of paranormal activity.

Some of the activity includes seeing full body apparitions. One of those apparitions is of a girl that seems to be around 10 years old. No one knows the story behind this little girl haunting the bed and breakfast but it is thought that she was at one time a tenant. Other apparitions seem to be identified as some of the woman that worked the bordello.

It seems some of the ghosts haunting Miss Molly’s have a mischievous side or possibly a good sense of humor. Staff and quests alike have reported items going missing and then turning up in unexplained places, toilets flushing by themselves and doors that are unlocked but still will not open.

There have been reports of sounds and voices and lights turning on and off by themselves and cold spots that you would think would think would be typical of a place with high paranormal activity but this haunting seems to have a paranormal occurrence that I have yet to hear of, a tipping ghost. According to reports, a housekeeper kept finding coins in guest rooms where there would be no guests currently in the room. She would also find coins in rooms after she had just finished cleaning them. It apparently was disturbing enough for the housekeeper to eventually quite.

The Miss Molly’s B&B embraces its past and the paranormal activity currently going on. A number of paranormal investigating teams have visited Miss Molly’s including the Texas Christian University’s paranormal activity class. Miss Molly’s is considered by many as the most active paranormal site in Texas, which puts it as a must see if ever in Fort Worth, Texas.


  • The Southern Paranormal

    Just wanted to say that we checked out MIss Molly’s earlier in the year (2010). We got some cool evidence and a lot of personal experiences. If interested check out our webpage and look at some of the evidence we caught.

  • Michael Cockerham Sr

    I plan to take a visit to miss mollys b/b in the future,I would love to hear from others that have stayed there. Im only an ameteur investigator but definetly a believer.Since times have changed as of late its easier to admit you believe than years past. Anyway any news information or experiences there will be appreciated. Thank You.

  • Darcelle Wells-Kaddoaurah

    My husband and I have stayed at Miss Molly’s a number of times. THe last few times we have stayed there we have had company in room one.
    THe first time we stayed in room one we had been out on the town that night the following morning I went to put my boot on and there was a nail laying inside my boot. Mind you I had had them on the entire night before and there was not a thing in them.
    Last month we stayed in room one again and this time I kept thinking my husband was get up from bed every hour to us the rest room. The last time I asked him if he was okay and he replied “yes”.
    When I woke up the next morning and he was sitting out in the sitting area having a cup of coffee and the inn keeper was there when I asked him why he kept getting up through out the night? He looked at me funny and stated he had only gotten up twice, then I said well I asked you if you were okay and you said yes.
    He looked at me and started laughing… He then said honey that was not me. So I am guess we had not been alone.
    This has become our favorite place to stay on our Anniversary.

  • Cooper Smith

    I was there last night on halloween, and did a SB7 session and got VERY educated responses from the spirits. Not only that, but when i would ask one of them to move an object, it would. The spirits welcomed me and my two friends into their home, and it was an amazing experience

  • Amanda

    My boyfriend and I stayed there in Feb 2014 for my birthday and we stayed in the Gunslinger Room. I was woken up about 5:30 am after a night out to feeling like someone was tickling my feet but I brushed it off to my bf rubbing his feet against mine so I went back to sleep. I was again woke up about 6 am to the same thing and I told him to stop and looked over at him and he was facing the other direction. I was freaked out at that point and couldn’t go back to sleep. I told the innkeeper and she just laughed and said there’s a kid that has been seen that sometimes tickles peoples feet and just plays around. We defiantly will stay there again.

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