The Haunts Clearfield Job Corps Center

The Clearfield Job Corps Center in Clearfield, Utah was one of the very first jobs corps ever commissioned in the United States under the guidance of then President Lyndon B. Johnson. Today, it is one of those places always mentioned when the topic of ghost hauntings in Utah arises.

Clearfield Job Corps started out as the Clearfield Naval Supply Depot, built in 1942 and decommission 20 years later in 1962. The old naval depot was subdivided; Seven-million square feet became a manufacturing warehouse district, now known as the Freeport Center, while the rest became the Clearfield Job Corps Center.

The opening of the Clearfield Job Corps Center was announced in mid 1964, and resulted in a great deal of protesting in the area. According to an article in The Desert News, posted September 25, 1964 – exactly one month before the Clearfield Job Corps Center grand opening date – controversy was wide spread, though an exact cause of the argument was never clarified.

After having read the entire article twice over, I believe at least some of the debate came from local taxpayers who were unhappy about the excessive cost to run the job corps – $600,000 annually ($6k per student) – while only 2 students in attendance would actually be from Utah (limited to 2% of the 100 students accepted).

It’s not certain what occurred on these grounds back in the days of the Clearfield Naval Supply Depot, but the Clearfield Job Corps Center has some sketchy history. In 1970, a young black man was stabbed and killed on the campus, and on September 15, 1972, another male youth by the name of Ronald Wade drowned to death.

The Clearfield Job Corps Center has undergone quite a few renovations since then. One old building (the military morgue, in fact) was renovated into a theatre and extra dormitories were added. The old warehouse buildings that made up the boys original dorms were gutted and refurbished for better, more comfortable living arrangements. The dorms are labeled by letters, many of which hold ghostly stories of paranormal activity at Clearfield Job Corps Center.

Dorm-E seems to attract the most paranormal activity. It is said to be haunted by at least three ghosts. One is that of a little girl, estimated to be 5-6 years of age. She is seen bouncing a ball while walking down the hallway, or standing by the doorway at the dorm’s entrance.

The second ghost of the Clearfield Job Corps Dorm-E is suspected to be an old resident advisor (RA) at the school. He is seen walking throughout the halls, checking on each dorm room to make sure the boys are in their rooms.

No one really knows who the third ghost of Dorm E is. Most speculate that he is a past student who died on campus. Perhaps the young stabbing victim, or the tragically drowned Ronald Wade?

Dorm-L is famous for housing the apparition of an old military nurse, noted for her early 1920’s medical attire. She is seen walking down the hall. Some deduce that she is the same ghost haunting Clearfield Job Corps TB dorm.

Walk down to Dorm-M and you might run into the ghost of a young man who is believed to have hung himself. He has a tendency to hang around the fire exit of Dorm-M.

The movie theatre, previously the military morgue, is also rumored to be haunted. These rumors are not backed up by any consistent stories, but of course, it was a morgue; has to be haunted right? That seems to be the general consensus anyways.

It’s the consistent ghost tales from the various dorms of Clearfield Job Corps Center that lead us to believe the site truly is haunted.


  • troyisha watson

    I went there in 2003 showers coming on my closet locks use to swing um that lil gurl I didn’t like that she would be there pass midnight for five months I went thur hell like that campus had a black out but im going to tell u one thing the first day I got there it was said I just want to see if it was true hell I help them win the championship girls basketball team I was 16 now im 23 if anyone out there has been what I’ve been thur ill be back im from O DORM BABYYYYY

  • Cecilia Y.

    I’ve been down under the movie theatre/military morgue when I was in landscape trade crazy creepy dirt area and in one room it still had dusty clothing and a weird crawl space in the wall like a passage way!I was just glade I wasn’t down there alone….

  • Conrad

    I was 16 in 1972 when I joined the Clearfield Job Corps. I attained both GED and my Butcher trade there. I have worked full time ever since (38years).I finally retire next June. Thank You Job Corps!!While there I became President of H Dorm. H dorm was a Honor Dorm then. Many strange things happened there. One Night was on bus coming back from Salt Lake City weekend visit,we seen my roomate on an old abandoned farm tractor in the snow with only his shorts on he said that he was driving back to his home in San Francisco.It was apparent that he went mad after he came into H dorm.He told me that he was seeing a ghost there frequently.I never thought much about it until today I fell into this webpage about Clearfield JC! wow,…spooky!

  • sara hernandez

    Im 16 and im at job corp right now and ive been in alot of places here and ive seen crazy things. im in T Dorm and if you look out side in the middle of the night you can see the little girl with ball, and when your in the bathroom by your self the shower curtins start to move really fast. the people who are in charge think if the make job corp look more new it will hide the fact that this center is haunted but there wrong they just make it worst!!!!

  • sam

    I was there just over a year and slept in every dorm listed. nothing spooky happened. the underground tunnel that was sealed off was not to a morgue. in fact I sat around with staff and ambassadors thinking up stories to tell new people to scare them the above is ridiculous.
    the social pressure can be immense and the weak minded freak themselves out into believing this crap. the only thing I can confirm is that a girl was killed on the train tracks in the late 70’s early 80’s.

  • sam

    if you bring up google maps and zoom out enough the campus and near by buildings spell hell 4xs that part is true

  • gianni mccauley

    I been here for about two months now iam 20 and I have recentely experienced a paranormal activity iam in b-3 and as I was laying down in my bed I was touched by a ghostly figure o something then two minutes later I felt something pull my covers and my cousin and her girlfriend had the same story on the same nite but it grabbed my cousin foot…… idk I believe this place is haunted

  • TragicLoveBeautifulPain

    Sooo, im @ CJCC right now, ive been here for about 6 months and i can tell you that these stories about the hauntings are DEFINITLY TRUE. I’m not the type to just believe whatever i hear, but when i actually experience things MYSELF, then yea, i believe it. Im in Bdorm, and i remember a few months ago, the Dorm officers came into our room to give us new number stickers for our lockers, so when i got my number, i stuck it on my locker but this time i put it up higher than usual. & my roomates “Why is your number so High?” and i just said “idk i just Want it that way.” So about 30 minutes later, my roomate N***** and i were up at about 11 oclock pm just talking. One of my other roomates E******** was knocked out sleep, and my roomate D****** was laying on her bed texting. So N***** and i were really into our convo and i guess we got kinda loud, and all of a sudden out of Nowhere, she and I both heard Someone say SSSHHHHH!! and as SOON as we heard that we both stopped and looked @ eachother and both said “Who the F*** said that?!” The voice was so powerful and it sounded like it was standing Right in between us. So we went over to my roomate D******, and asked her, “Girl did you Say that?” and she said No. and so we went over to E******** and woke her up and asked her the same question. but it was clear that she was knocked out. and even if it WAS either of them, we wouldve heard it come from their direction. Instead it came from RIGHT in between us. And for some reason the room became Really cold, and it got colder than it did when the ac was on. it was freezing in that room. So, everyone got up and we started to get scared. So D****** hopped on N*****’s bed which is right next to the wall. So they were sitting on the bed for about 10 minutes and i started to explain what we heard and while i was explaining, i was looking directly @ them. Neither of them was touching the wall. Then out of Nowhere, we heard fast tapping on the wall that they were next to.[NOW REMEMBER, OUR ROOM IS THE LAST ROOM ON THE HALL, SO THERE ISNT ANOTHER ROOM NEXT TO OURS. ALL THERE IS IS OUTSIDE. AND WE WERE ON THE SECOND FLOOR.] and we all got terrified and N***** and D****** ran to D******’s bed and we stayed up for about 3 more ours with all of the personal lights on just crying and TERRIFIED. and @ about 2:50 something, D***** started to say “It’s your NUMBER J**, you have to move it back. This is why all of this is happening.” So i got up and moved the number back and I’ll say about 20 minutes later, the room got warm again and nothing else happened that night. We all decided that it HAD to be the number. I guess spirits dont like things out of place :/ It was a while before anything else happened again. but trust me, something else did happen. & this time, it was Worse.

  • scaredone

    I went there in 2009 and its very creepy…Tn..and lights would be turned off in the bathrooms thats about all ive had happen to me :)

  • McAdams

    This place was definitely haunted. When I first arrived I was highly skeptical on the matter of ghosts, and laughed at people who said they had seen ghosts on campus and in my dorm (D-1) But I saw so much fucked up shit there.

    For example one night I was in the shower and the curtains lifted up and I started to hear a faint whisper of “CANDICE” I thought someone was fucking with me, so I walked around and checked the bathroom, no one was there… Got back in, same shit happened.

    a few months before that, I was laying in bed and this dark silhouette would get closer and closer to me, everytime I looked over it would dissapear. But the last time I saw it in the corner of my eye and looked over, it did not dissapear and a cold feeling of dread and doom consumed me as the apparition touched my chest. I could not move, I was frozen in fear.

    If I had to describe the feeling, it would definitely be that of complete and utter terror.

    I was in Network Cabling and we were basically salavaging all of the old dorms, and turning one particular dorm into our hands on site for work based hours. and those dorms were the worst, never had anything happen but there was always the feeling of being watched.

  • "R"


  • Carissa

    Hi, attended CJCC in 1992-1993. I lived in O dorm than was transferred to TC dorm when I joined the Rangers. At that time the little girl was often in T dorm. I saw her as well as many of my dorm mates often saw her. I was told by staff at that time that T dorm was the officer’s quarters when it was a Naval Base. The officer’s had their family’s living with them. I do not know if that part was true or not.

  • Tammy

    I lived in dorm TB and I think my room had a soldier in it. Sometimes when I was in there by myself I would smell alchol or cigerets but it would be faint. I was in room 18.

  • Tammy

    Oh and I got there in 2010 and left during Christmas break. One time I was walking back to class from seeing the nurse and no one was outside and I felt something pull on the back of my shirt. It made me stop quickly and I looked around but no one was there. Even when I was in my room I felt like I was being watched. One time I woke up at like three in the morning and my bed was shaking and I couldn’t get back to sleep.

  • billy wilson

    was there 1981 1983 E dorm never heard or saw nothing its bull but a guy got stabbed to death in the movie theatre in 1979 gang related alot of blood and crips there in the 80ss stabbing and beatdows and gang fights at least once a week took welding classes now i make $$$$$$ thanks JOB CORPS i loved it there wish i could do it again

  • Courtney

    I lived in TN in the TC hallway. Yes, I have had some weird things happen to me. But nothing too bad. I would wake up at weird hours of the night. Usually around 0200-0330 when things would happen. Mostly happened the first two months or so that I was here. I have been here since the beginning of September of 2011. The things that usually happened to me or my roommates were that we would hear footsteps in the hallway when no one was there or a little girl screaming and asking for her father. I am pretty sure that that would be the little girl that is usually in D Block bouncing her ball. I heard that she got ran over here on the military base running after her ball in the middle of the street by a vehicle and that she is lost looking for her father. pretty sad huh? But the worst thing that happened was that I woke up around 0300 having to go to the bathroom in the TB hallway because a noise woke me up. I walked out of my door, and a few other girls in my hall were walking out of theirs as well because of the same thing. It’s hella creepy…

    Anyways, I am a full-complete. I go back home to Colorado this Friday. I am honestly going to miss this place and all of the awesome people that I have become friends with and everything. Thank you Clearfield Job Corps :]

  • devonna

    I never seen or heard anything but I know they say it was haunted..I’m a spiritual person.I believe they only haunt the weak.I love jobcorps..they rock although I didn’t get to complete the program..although I’m sending my daughter to jobcorps..lookout..I was there in 98 to 99..

  • Kim

    I went to Job corp in 1998 and I was in O dorm nothing really happened besides a girl in my dorm went home on vacation and ended up getting Killed.

  • Jacqueline P

    I attented CJCC back in 85 n 86 ,graduated from Health Occupations .When I went there noone ever said or talked about any hauntings,but I can say that when I use to walk into the theatre I would get a funny feeling,but never knew why n when I would go to my Drivers Education class upstairs in the same building of the theatre I got that same feeling,but other than that I never seen or heard of any hauntings going on in the dorms,cause I was in Q-dorm n went to O-dorm n then to S-dorm,cause we had to work our way to S-dorm,but never seen or heard anything and back than all the dorms were being used,this was before it all got renovated.I can also tell you that I had a son who went there n we got a call from him n he was crying said he didn’t want to be there anymore n we asked him why? n he said something evil kept bothering him in the dorm n it really scared him,so we went after him n brought him home,that was in 2006.I hope that a pastor can pray over the whole campus,so them lost spirits can move on.Pray! everywhere you go.

  • reggie

    I was at cfjc in 1991-1992 and in R dorm and the only ghost rumors was in the green grass motel, the movie theatre was a the only other dark place to make out so nobody was thinking of ghost. these rumors came when the kids got bored or too high then the bandwagon began.



  • Jeannie

    Im a student at clearfield job corps now. ive been here for about 4 months. ive heard people say they have seen things but ive never experienced anything myself. I was in B4 which is a newer dorm. but they built new D and E dorms for the girls which is right next to the front gates. the TS dorm is soon to be torn down. all the old dorms are still in the back by the trades but they are all locked and empty. ive heard stories of a girl that sreams in the hallways of B4 but i never heard it. ive heard of a nurse that walks around and stabs kids with her needle. but i dont believe any of that stuff. i dont doubt that it is haunted here but i havent seen or heard anything myself.

  • Defective

    You seem to have missed something. There was a rapist in CJCC name is unknown its been covered up well, but girls are reported being touched in their sleep and doors slamming. B3 is now closed and paranormal activity is rising. The story goes that when they called the police he killed a girl and himself. That would mean his spirit might be restricted to CJCC.

  • lyric

    there’s nothing creepy about job corp my roommates even say there is a ghost name carl in my room and i never seen him and im in dorm b2 there are no ghost her unless you’re psycho

  • Kaylie

    I’m here currently, in the new dorm they just built and opened in 2013-14. It feels emotionally depressing and just morbid, especially in certain areas, like by the old T dorm. Never heard of M or L dorms, but they;re constantly rennovating, What I have noticed is that in the New dorm i’m in, the automatic lights, will flicker on and off, also if you push the button to turn them on, they turn right back off. I would find this a design flaw, if it weren;t for the specific times this happens in the day.

  • Julian

    Dude, I know some of the people on these comments Haha .. But yea, I just visited L Dorm, and it was thrashed. Like.. holes in walls, broken trophies, etc. And it was very dark.. I didn’t feel anything, though. I wasn’t trying to either. It seems they’re allowing some of us students to walk through and look.. Anyway, as far as seeing or feeling anything, a few months ago I was lying down. And around 9:25 pm, my clock on my billboard fell on my head (I’m in B1 btw). So I put it back up, thinking I hadn’t pinned it hard enough the first time. Later that night, around 12:25 am, it fell again. Needless to say, after it fell I haven’t put it back up since. I was quite enraged after that night. Our dorm’s current president had a similar issue a few months ago with his picture frame, and he hasn’t put it back up since as well. 😛

  • a4 resident

    the hauntings this talks about there true I’m in this job corps right now but the dorms it talks about these all got shut down along with the old underground tunnel that was sealed off.

  • Victoria

    I was at CJCC in 2001. My experiences there were scarier than anything written so far. They were all very real and paranormal. My experiences started on my first night there prior to learning about anything haunting. Just remembering what I went through while I was there makes me have anxiety. I’m actually surprised I haven’t read similar things I went through on here so far. If you are interested in knowing, you can email at

    For now, I can’t really talk about it. Sorry

  • Joseph mittie

    My roommate became posesed by a demon while i was in c dorm in 2012-13 and his name was Kinney. At 3:00 on a Monday night. He was laying on his stomach and bent in a 90° angil he then began to slam his face into hos pillo intell i made a small sounds…at this point het snap his head towards me a in a garagling sound say your all gonna die then went limp and was out….this happened five or six times before i graduated. This is but one of my experiences not to mention the footsteps that come form the fire escape

  • Dan S.

    I’m a job corps graduate from 1999-2003 and lived in the old H-dorm, until we won a contest and became the first to move into the new building back in 2001 roughly. But prior, living in the old units or quarters I heard many things from people. During my stay I never witnessed anything paranormal (sadly) but I do remember the old stairs that were barred and sealed shut leading to the tunnels. I always wanted to see what was behind the bars deep in those tunnels, but I guess I’ll never know. In my experience it was overall an amazing place and I only wish I could go back. In spite of the random violent situations that occurred, but not so often, it was a great experience to have and be able tell

  • Dan S.

    And p.s.
    Do I believe it truly is haunted?….with such a rich background and things I’ve heard from other tenants and staff….I believe it. Hence my wish I could go back and explore a little deeper.

  • Donita

    So I’m going to cjcc sometime this month and from reading all the comments I’m now really freaked out and scared. But I don’t want to just go off of what everyone else is saying. But the fact that the same stories are being told makes me really worried.

  • DJ

    Hi I can elaborate some more as well. I attended in 1987 in the Military dorm and saw a lot of what goes on around CJCC. We were shown the movie Heavy Metal in the haunted theater.

  • Lrg

    I plan on going to this job corps soon and Im pretty freaked out but my faith in GOD and power he invested in me over these demons ! Is what I believe in so Im really interested in what I encounter.

  • CookiezanyMonster

    Ghosts are afraid to show themselves to me, but I hear sounds. Also my friends, roommates have and on having stuff happen to them. I’m still here at Clearfield Job corps.

  • StonerZ¥

    Its fun to get high And talk to the spirits. that’s when they show them selves the most. when your not sober. i’ve realized they are all mostly friendly. But i’ve honestly been scared out of my mind because that little boy that bother me and my room mates by disrupting our cell phone and hurting us in our sleep. its messing with my phone now

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