Haunted Schools: North Side High School

In the industrious city of Fort Wayne, Indiana there stands a long-established, secondary school house that serves the north central neighborhoods of Fort Wayne – North Side High School. The educational facility is over 80 years old, and has a long standing history of being disturbed by numerous ghost hauntings.

An old Native American chief, a young girl, a janitor and a construction worker are all said to haunt North Side High School, and no telling how many more ghosts may be roaming the edifying hallways of the Fort Wayne school house.

It all started back in 1927 when North Side High School was first built. As the story goes, the school was scheduled to be built upon an old Miami Indian burial ground. The chief of the local tribe adamantly protested the location of the new Indiana school, but his warnings went unheeded.

The old Native chief is said to haunt North Side High School to this day, as if continuing to warn others of the sacrilege of his tribe’s burial grounds. In honor of the Miami Indian chief, North Side High School’s mascot is named Chief Mac. But apparently having an over-stuffed animal parade around the sports field bearing his namesake wasn’t enough to ward off the ghost of the old chief!

The spectral apparition of a teenage girl has been reported by dozens of students and staff members alike. The young girl is often seen in the gymnasium and indoor track area. This may be a residual haunting; one in which the ghost continuously reenacts past events rather than interacting with anyone consciously as there were no reports of attempted communication or her ghost even acknowledging the presence of other people.

Several years back, a North Side High School janitor lost his life to a fatal heart attack in the basement of the Fort Wayne school. Sense then, subsequent maintenance staff members have claimed to see the janitor down in the basement near the area where he died.

A construction worker is also said to haunt the stage vicinity of the auditorium. Back in the 1920’s, when the school was being built, a portion of the stage area collapsed during construction, killing one worker and injury several others in the process. This ghost is believed to be the spirit of said worker.

In the early 2000’s, major renovations took place at North Side High School, including in the locale of the auditorium. The work went on for about 2 years until it was finally completed in 2004. Several members of the construction crew admitted to witnessing a ghost in the area who seemed to be trying to warn them of the danger he had once so tragically suffered.

To this day, stories continue to arise from students and employees who have experienced the ghosts of North Side High School. Knowing how teenagers can imaginatively embellish such tales, it is hard to say exactly what is true and what is not, but these are some of the most common, similarly told interpretations of the haunted school.


  • Kamari

    North Side is NOT haunted. I spent an entire summer there and I never saw any ghosts or apparitions or anything of the sort. Also, I know students who go there and each of them agree. North Side isn’t haunted. The auditorium is especially not haunted.

  • Trevor Hafner

    Hey I go to North Side and im in 11th grade and the auditorium is haunted. Last year I would get there before it was even open yet and I would just walk around the halls and you can hear foot steps behind you if you just to walking. Or if you walk around at about 9 or 10 after a game. You can feel them or hear them. I think someone should just stay in there for a hole night with camaras and night vision on them and see if they can get any evp’s or anything. I wish I could!

  • Molly

    I went to NS in the 90s, and until my junior year, I didn’t believe it was haunted either. However, after the state band competition, many of us were inside the school between midnight and one am. Some of us went to our lockers on the third floor where the old business hall was (don’t know if it’s still there after the construction) and a blue light was glowing at the far end. It moved closer to us like it was walking toward us, stopped thirty feet from us, and disappeared into the wall. We ran SCREAMING back to the cafeteria where everyone else was.


    Ns is haunted my sister stand there cause she is in bend and she stayed there and she went to 9 hall and heared some one walking after her and she turned around and didnt see nobody then she went to the bathroom and she heard some one laughing and she look out there and no one was there

  • zackery

    i was walking in the hall and someone was be hind me and i turnd my head i did not see nothing then when i thouht i see a shawdo i ran then the ghost chace me i ttrapped and feel and it leaf me alone

  • Samuel

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  • yvette & iran

    I am Yvette, a current student at north side, I invited my friend Iran because she was transfering from Snider.We were walking around after school hours and we stop by the auditorium. We heard about the rumors that it was haunted but we didnt believe it. The doors were unlocked so we decided to go in. It was all dark exept the stage. We were messing around and talking and I got a phone call from my mom and during the phone Yvette heard whistling and the call ended by itself we were terrified and ran out….coincidence or not..it was pretty scary.

  • brayton

    i go to northside and it is haunted. i say this because i was in the aditoriam on 8-28-12.And i had put my feet on the stage stairs.About 2 ta 3 minuets my shoes were un tied. my eyes were open and the was no one in there but me.

  • Kimberlin derouin

    I go to north side high school now and I believe it’s real. I’m in dance class and I was changing in the green room and all of the sudden the two doors that are like changing rooms closed by it self. I was scared really bad to where I went screaming to my friends.

  • Emma

    I’m not in this school anymore, but when I was there I had a lot of exsperionce their, my freshmen year I had to go to my locker and get my things because I was my last day here. So I went through the hall way usually where the office is than took the stairs but where the old hallway that wasn’t built yet I went through than I look closely and in the darkened stairs I lilerly saw two shadows chasing each other down the stairs than I ran up the stairs and I noticed the second hall way was huanted to so I ran pass there than made it to my locker and never went down there again.

    Before I moved, I was in the choir class and everybody was paying attention to the teacher ms.woods was our teacher name and the choir was downstairs so all of us were talking to ms.woods and all of the son I saw a showdow moved and bump the door than it was gone and every body heard it. And that’s when my friends and everyone said to the teacher well this and that person told me the school was huanted. And yes I saw them clearly and I am gifted with abilities. So don’t hate.

  • Simoriah

    I live in Fort Wayne and while I have never attended Northside High School, I have only ever heard the Indian legend. However, I must say most of the posters here must have actually attended there, as their grammar itself is proof of a Northside education. Maybe the ghosts were actually drug induced hallucinations. Proof of why my children will never to go any FWCS school.

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