Haunted Riddle House in Florida

The Riddle House is located in West Palm Beach Florida in a place called Yesteryear Village. Yesteryear Village is a 10 acre park featuring artifacts and buildings from 1850 to 1950. Though it seems the whole area has paranormal activity, The Riddle House seems to attract the most attention.

The house was built in response to vandals and looters at the Woodlawn Cemetery, located in the West Palm Beach area. Used for security and to manage the grounds, it was originally called Gatekeeper’s College. The building originally functioned not only as a security presence and management but also as a funeral parlor.

It was during this time the first death attributed with the house occurred. A worker at the cemetery, who was thought to be named Buck, got in an argument with a local man. Buck died but the local people still claimed to see him walking the cemetery and around the home. It was not until almost 20 years later that Karl Riddle became the superintendent of Public Works and first city manager that the building was given to him as a home and then called the Riddle house.

It was this time that one of Riddles employees at the home had become depressed. Financial troubles seemed to have pushed him to the edge and one day in the attic, he hung himself. The employee is said to haunt the attic and is an angry ghost. Karl had trouble keeping help at the house after this. Staff had claimed to hear voices, chains rattling and load sounds coming from the attic.

Eventually the Riddles moved out and the home went through several businesses and it was last used as a girl’s dorm for the Palm Beach Atlantic College. The home had deteriorated to the point that the city had put it on the list to be demolished. However the city ended up donating the building to Karl’s nephew, John Riddle who had the home taken apart and moved to its current location in Yesteryear Park in 1980.

It seems the move was not agreeable to the ghosts that lived there. Carpenters would come into work in the mornings and have tools thrown from out of the attic, ladders moved and windows broken mainly from the third floor. It was at this time that one worker found out how not agreeable to the move they were. It is reported a carpenter in the home working on the first floor was knocked unconscious by an iron pot that flew across the room and hit him in the head. The carpenter has said he will never go back in the Riddle House and work on the house had to be stopped for 6 months because workers were scared.

Finally all the work was finished and the house was set to be unveiled at a community event. The event included two guests impeccably dressed in period costume. When the organizers where getting people together for a group picture on the front porch, the wanted the two guests to be front and center. Unfortunately after several people searched the grounds, the two “guests” had vanished.

Paranormal occurrences still seem to be the norm at the Riddle house today. If you get a chance to visit, stay on your toes. It is claimed that a visitor on a private tour was struck in the head by a board that appeared out of nowhere, a worker cleaning the building claimed to be attacked and refuses to come back, claims of a torso hanging in front of the attic window has been reported though nothing resembling it can be found in the attic as well as lights turning on and off.

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