The Haunted Mount Washington Hotel

Tucked away in the small New Hampshire town of Carroll lies a Hotel with a royal resident. The Mount Washington Hotel opened its doors in 1902. It was built by a railroad tycoon by the name of Joseph Stickney and at the time of its construction, it cost a whopping 1.7 million dollars to build. Over two hundred and fifty Italian artisans were involved in creating this masterpiece of architecture. The beauty of Mount Washington Hotel is world class and it is considered one of the most stunning of America’s historic hotels. The hotel is still in operation after a 50,000 square foot expansion was built in January of 2009.

The glorious hotel attracted the wealthy from around the world. Over its extensive history, the Mount Washington Hotel has seen writers, politicians, wealthy tycoons, and even royalty walk down its elegant hallways. After Joseph Stickney passed away, his wife Caroline was remarried to a French Prince who frequently stayed at the hotel. “Princess Carolyn”, as she came to be known as, is believed to still reside in the hotel she loved so much. She is believed to be responsible for turning lights on and off unexpectedly and is notorious for writing on the walls. Her original bed is now located in room 314. Those who stay in that room often report the presence of a woman, believed to be Princess Carolyn herself.

A couple of the more interesting accounts of paranormal activity in the room would be a couple who saw a woman sitting on the edge of the bed pulling pins out of her hair and another account by a different guest of that same room who heard a knock at the door, and upon opening the door witnessed a white mist. The sound of babies crying is often heard emulating from the Madison room and on a couple occasions, there have been sightings of a little girl’s apparition in the Mount Washington Hotel lobby.

In February of 2008, The Atlantic Paranormal Society, better known as TAPS, did an investigation of the Mount Washington Hotel for their the Sci-Fi channel television show. During the investigation, the sounds of footsteps were frequently heard by the investigators and they were able to catch them on audio. More impressive was a female voice that was captured on audio on two separate occasions. The first audio evidence of the woman, “Hello? Is there someone there?” was recorded during a conversation between two investigators. Later in the investigation, the same investigators, Jason and Grant, ask, “Princess, are you in here?” The response was, “Of course I’m in here. Where are you?” Clearly this princess has a sense of humor.

If Princess Carolyn does indeed still reside inside the Mount Washington Hotel, it’s easy to see why. Over one hundred years after it opened its doors, it’s still just as beautiful as the day the finishing touches were placed on it. Located near both a ski hotel and one of the best golf courses in America, this hotel is still a vacation destination for hundreds of people every year. Whether they come for the beautiful accommodations, the nearby attractions, or just hoping to catch of glimpse of a princess, there is no denying that there’s a little something for everyone at the Mount Washington Hotel.

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  • Amber Allen

    Wow… This is really haunted because I watch Ghost Hunter every Wednesday. This is amazing to read and see what had happens back in the old time.

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