The Haunted Hundley House

Haunted Places in America: Hundley House¬

The Hundley House in Carbondale, IL has been standing for more than a century. Built in 1907, by former mayor, J. Charles Hundley and his wife, it rests in a peaceful neighborhood. One of Frank Lloyd Wright’s students designed it. Over the years, the Hundley House has been everything from an apartment to a gift shop. Today, it serves as a bed and breakfast and is one of the most haunted places in America.

Unfortunately, J. Charles and Luella Hundley were murdered in 1928. The murder of the two founders remains unsolved. Mr. Hundley was shot in the head while he was sitting on the bed. Authorities believed that the murderer may have been lurking behind the headboard. Mrs. Hundley’s body was found at the bottom of a stairway. Three bullet marks were initially found, one of which still remains to this day.¬† It can still be seen in the second stair from the top.

These murders occurred right before Christmas.

Since there was no DNA testing in the 1920s, all authorities really had to go on was circumstantial evidence and motive. John Call, an escapee from an Alabama chain gang, was brought in for questioning. He had traded the same kind of caliber gun used in the shootings for a train ticket. By the time authorities found the new owner, the gun had already been cleaned. Another suspect was Mr. Hundley’s son from a previous marriage. Victor Hundley had financial problems before his father’s death, and inherited $300,000 afterward. JC Hundley had also dissolved a mining contract between himself and Victor.

Despite the Hundley House’s dreary beginnings, it has become a popular place over the years. It’s a beautiful brick structure that towers over the entire neighborhood of downtown Main Street.

The house changed hands over the decades. The Vogler family made it their home from 1930 to 1971. It was then sold to Eugene T. Simonds, who was the owner of ET Simonds Construction. His daughter, Milly, inherited it, along with her husband, chiropractor Henry Nicolaides.

For many years, the house was used as a chiropractic office for Dr. Nicolaides and two of his associates. The doctors were gracious enough to allow ghost hunting teams to come in to investigate.

It should come as no surprise that there has been a lot of paranormal talk about the house. Many people have reported hearing strange sounds and experiencing strange occurrences. In 2008, Dan Jones bought the home and turned it into a bed and breakfast. He claims to have heard strange noises, including mysterious piano music.

The show Ghost Lab made the Hundley House the feature of their last television show. They claimed to have recorded shouts to get out, footsteps and a faint gunshot.  With all this paranormal activity, is there any wonder why the Hundley House is still considered one of the most haunted places in America.


  • Nancy Vogler Bain

    I believe your information is wrong. Millie Simonds is married to a doctor (an MD) and not to Henry Nicolaides as you said in your article. Initially when ET Simonds bought it, his older daughter Cassie had a specialty shop on the first floor, the 2nd floor was apartments, and the 3rd floor was Cassie’s apartment.
    My Dad grew up in this house – his father was the Vogler who bought it in 1930.

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