The Haunted Glenn Dale Hospital

Glenn Dale Hospital was built in 1934 to serve as a tuberculosis sanitarium. Sitting on 210 acres in Prince Georges County, Maryland, the 23-building institution was once state-of-the-art, but has stood abandoned since 1982, when it was closed permanently due to concerns about the copious amounts of asbestos used in the construction.

The main campus of Glenn Dale consists of a Children’s hospital building and main hospital building, which are connected by a series of underground tunnels and walkways. Each of these buildings has its own morgue, and both structures are close to Glenn Dale Road, which bisects the estate and makes the buildings easy fodder for local trespassers who want to match wits with the Washington, D.C Park Police, who routinely patrol the area.

Exploration of the Glenn Dale Hospital grounds is a treacherous experience, and not only because the place is closed and trespassers are not suffered lightly. The portions of the buildings that are above ground are in severe disrepair, seeing that they have stood abandoned since 1982. Broken glass litters the ground, roofs and walls are collapsing under their own weight, and rusted metal and other debris litters the campus because of all of the unused hospital detritus that was left behind when the place shut down. The basement and tunnels are in the same condition, but with the added hazard of standing water, which rises up to three feet in some places.

Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of exploration is the same aspect that led to the hospital’s closure: large amounts of asbestos. The few people who are allowed into Glenn Dale,, and this includes paranormal investigators who have gotten permission to visit, always wear respirators because of the carcinogens in the air.

The haunted history of Glenn Dale Hospital is much like that of any other long-abandoned institution of similar size. For example, after the tuberculosis epidemic faded, the hospital was repurposed to house the mentally ill. Out of this fact the legend became that the hospital was a home for the criminally insane, who were simply let loose to roam the grounds when the hospital closed. While there is no evidence to support the idea that society’s violent crazies have been living in a decrepit hospital for over two decades, such stories do feed the fires of both paranormal interest and expectation. Another example of this is the legend that Glenn Dale Hospital had its own crematorium, and that the odor of burning flesh still permeates the buildings. There is a smokestack on the hospital grounds, but all evidence points to it only ever being used to burn refuse.

The few people who are lucky enough to explore the grounds find no lack of intriguing paranormal experiences, however. There are certainly the usual reports of shadow figures and unexplained sounds. The second floor of the general hospital building seems to be a hotbed of these types of activity, with reports of full-bodied apparitions in hospital gowns roaming the halls and disembodied voices either screaming or laughing maniacally. There have even been reports of a pack of ghost dogs roaming around the campus near the children’s hospital. Paranormal activity like this can certainly be found all over the Glenn Dale campus, it’s just that this particular floor seems more active than the rest.

There are a few local legends that concern haunting at the hospital that can’t be directly confirmed or denied, but they are interesting nonetheless. One of these stories concerns a patient who haunts the hospital wearing a straightjacket. He went insane having witnessed the murder of his wife and children during a home invasion. He was so wracked with guilt that he didn’t save his family that he broke into the pharmaceutical dispensary and killed himself by swallowing pills. It is this same guilt that supposedly binds his spirit to the hospital.

The second legend concerns an unnamed police officer who was called to investigate some vandalism that had occurred on the property. A while after he arrived, people in the vicinity reported hearing gunshots. When backup arrived, the officer was found in one of the patient rooms, staring blankly at a bare wall. He had emptied his gun into this wall, firing at something that no one would ever find. True or not, such stories are a vital part of the mystique of this haunted hospital.

For your own safety, please do not trespass on this property at anytime.


  • ghosts stories

    I like your style, the fact that your site is a little bit different makes it so interesting, I get fed up of seeing same-old-same-old all of the time. I’ve just stumbled this page for you 😀

  • Gregory Polanski

    I thought this was going to be another long boring blog post, but I was pleasantly suprised. I will be posting a backlink on my blog, as I am quite sure my readers will find this more than interesting.

  • UrbanEx

    I’m a northern Virginia paranormal investigator and I was very fortunate to have been given permission to investigate this awesome place under official escort. I do not believe this place is haunted and yes, these buildings are crubbling away and there’s a lot of dangerous airborne contaminants, rust, mold and debry. This place have been picked clean of so called “souvenirs” and the only thing you may collect from this place is asbestos in your lungs. Also, chances are that if you’re planning to trespass onto this property, you will get caught.

  • Ms. Magic

    I used to live within 3 feet of the Quarters of Glendale, where the employees lived on site. I visited the hospital on many ocassions with my church choir to sing for the patients. I lost several family members to cancer, ranging from lung, breast, and bone cancer. After reading about the asbestos found there, I am certain that this has something to do with their illnesses. If you have anymore information, please contact me.

  • taylor

    my father was the cheif engineer from 1960 until it closed.he died about 5 years ago from asbestos scaring in his lungs.

  • Tina

    Ms. Magic— If you used to really live within 3 feet of the quarters like you say.. then you should know how to spell the name of the place. Its Glenn Dale, not GLENDALE…

  • FeatherFoot

    I’ve driven by Glenn Dale hospital several times on my way to work for a friend. It is so beautiful in a sort of haunting way, I’ve heard lots of people tell Ghost Stories about it but I don’t believe them all.

    I have been researching Glenn Dale awhile now as I’ll be driving back by it in a few weeks and read a story which reminded me of the hospital just yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised at the accuracy of this article so I applaud the author.

    And Tina many people spell it Glenndale without the space so I think the only thing Ms. Magic got wrong is she may have missed an ‘N’ . . .

  • Trueexotic

    I really enjoyed reading about the hospital. I pass it every Monday taking my daughter to therapy. I have been curious as to why it is empty. Thanks for the interesting reading.

  • shaheem

    I am the founder of R.A.S.P.S ,my team and myself have got a lot of stuff from glenndale.voices light lines.I would hate to see this place was our first place to investigate.also it was kinda fun running from the park police and never getting caught.keep hunting people and you will find what your looking for.

  • Cloud666

    heyy ive trespassed before and ive experienced something i couldnt explain. when i first went in their i thought it was just and abandon hospital like any abandon place, i did not know anything about the history until after reading this today. my experience compared to this blog really explained what really happened to me that day, im not going to get into detail but i will say i heard disremembered body voice and the i saw the soo called a full-bodied apparitions of the guy who died from overdose wearing the straightjacket blocking the way to get to get to the second floor.

  • PAllen

    I lived in Prince Georges county all my life (39 years) and have heard of the allegedly haunted Glendale Hospital. Through my childhood and teen years, the older kids in the area would tell ghost stories of the hospital to scare us younger kids. I found out not long ago that my mother, now a retired RN worked in the Glendale hospital in 1972 (pregnant with me)for 3 months. When she was asked to work on the wing that had patients with TB, she absolutely refused saying she didn’t want to risk bringing anything home to her family. I thought that was interesting seeing as some known haunted hospitals housed and treated TB patients. I have never visited the hospital but thought I would share that little tidbit of history when I saw this sight.

  • steveo

    i have been to glen dale a couple times but one time we went during the day with a group of friends and first went into the creamatory and didnt see nething but on the walk to the main campus i looked up onto a second story glass walkway and saw a man looking at us and i looked at my best friend and he was staring at the same spot the he looked at me and we both knew we had seen the same thing

  • Lexi

    Hi , ilive in Glenshire Estates like right across the street from the hospital, ive trespassed there NUMEROUS time since ive moved there and almost all the times that i have NOTHING paranormal has happened (btw i never got caught) but anyways, one of the times i was walking passed the building next to the neighbor hood and i heard a scream and also candle lights in 3 windows. That freaked me out for a while so i stayed away from it. My boyfriend didnt believe me so i convined him to come with me in broad daylight to the big building across the street..We went through the whole building even the roof. When we was on the roof we heard a scream so i was ready to go. When we was leaving we saw a dog run passed one of the doors. We went to go check it out and when we got to the door the dog was just staring at us (it was a German Shepard) so we walk outside and the dog ran to the other side of the building. We ran to the other side of the building and we saw it poking its head from the side and when we headed for it it turned around and started to walk away . As soooon as we got to where it was at in like 5 sec. it was gone. It was no where in site and we searched the place numorous times to find it , and never did. THIS IS TRUEEE !!!! I swear that was the Last time i went up there and this was back in April..

  • PG Police

    Hello, you may find me sitting in my police car at all times of the night there. We go there to collect paperwork and train. I would advise those that try to go inside the buildings that they are beyond repair; the recent snows have collapsed several roofs, mainly the smaller buildings. It isn’t safe.

    I will say this, someone is pushing the large concrete slabs from off the main hospital into the driveways (we used to be able to drive through the archs).

    I have never seen or heard anything out of the ordinary, in fact, I find it peaceful there.

  • hpnotiq

    I seen you up there. You ain’t lock me up when you got me me thx. All I know is there is lots of water in them basements cuz we tried to get to them tunnels. I heard some crazy noise in that main bulding…we ain’t going back up there Peace

  • gamefreakblc

    Does anyone have contact information to call or get in touch with someone to seek permission to investigate Glenn Dale? Me and some friends were looking to do some ghost hunting this month and didn’t really want to take the chance in getting arrested or fined for trespassing into something that we just want to investigate and not destroy or vandalize. Thank you!

  • FANTAE Publishing

    One of our authors named (DEE ALLO) wrote a book entitled: The 13th Day, which is about the Glenn Dale Hospital. We initially thought the book was just a good read, but after seeing all of your blogs about this place…we think this author may know something privileged about this place!!!

  • Mac

    Hmm. After reading some of these replies, I realize that the younger generations are lacking some SERIOUS grammar skills. My God. What is happening to the English language…

  • AnthonySc.

    Ive been to Glenn Dale Twice within the last year. Ive experienced some things unexplained either mind tricks or paranormal. Ive seen he Park Police up the only on one occasion an ive never had thepriviledge in running into them. I would love to goback again with permission so sneaking around isnt needed though. I f there is anyone who has info on who to talk to about it please let me know. And to the PgPolice – if i were to ask your permission would i be able to go through the hospital with or without your guidance would i be aloud? I dont vandalize property abandoned or not and have great respect for the great landmark! Ive seen figures walking, i have pictures of shadows and videos or a (ghost) following us(noises and file cabinets being moved on film) It is a great place to explore except for the asbestos and rubble. So to the PGPolice if i were to go to the Portable building up there where the truck always sits would i be able to gain access to the buildings?

  • PG Police

    Here is an Update: Vandals have spray painted a ton of new grafitti on the upper levels of the main building. They have also removed about 5 well covers from around the property. Meaning, if you come up there at night and don’t look down, you will fall down into a well.

    Listen, I enjoy the intrigue and mystery just like all of you. But thanks to a few vandals, they have ruined it for everyone. We arrested a couple of guys there who were using one of the buildings as a place of business for heroin. Also, there are those who dump trash others who like to destroy the brick work.

  • alexis

    so we are not able to go up there and investigate but if we are then what are the age range that can go in there if we get permision

  • Alex

    I visited the hospital about 4 years ago. While I was there I encountered a green orb when I was walking towards the chapel that dissapeard into the ceiling. I also heard voices down by the basement.

  • Taylor

    My friends and I went to Glenn Dale last night, we were dressed in all black and just walked on the sidewalk of the grounds to find the building we wanted ( street side) and we got stopped after like 5 minutes by TWO police officers.. :(

  • Michael

    In the late 90’s/early 2000’s when my friends and I were in high school we trespassed here almost once a month for about 6 months. We called them ‘night missions’. Anyway I never saw anything that would make me think this place was haunted. We had video and digital camera’s and we never caught much more than dust (probably asbestos) catching the light.The only time anyone got caught was the one time I didn’t go. They were just told to leave.

  • james

    I went there a few times back around 1988, at night mostly, but during the day a couple of times too, probably more enjoyable since it is really an impressive place. I was 16 or 17 at the time. It´ll leave an impression on you, that´s for sure. I still have nightmares about the place at night. I´ve been through all those tunnels. There was no water back then. Huge area. Once we had to cross a huge snow covered field under the moonlight to get back to the car. Unforgetable times. I highly recommend a visit. You´ll remember it for the rest of your life. Be safe of course.

  • LOL

    Too funny! The “PG Police” have no authority on these grounds or buildings…this place is policed by the DC Park Police. Do a little research people. No, you can not get “permission” to go in any of these buildings, they are a safety and health hazard.

  • croftonite

    my buds and i used to go there in high school to check out the dorms and other buildings. great place to bring girls and scare them.

    it’s a scary place, no doubt. we didn’t touch anything, suspecting it was not healthy (the TB rumor), lucky for us it was just asbestos ;).

  • PG Police

    To LOL,

    Lets meet up there then, I can show you who has “authority”. The land is now under Maryland Park and Planning; their police department has a “MOA” with the PG Police. Also the land sits right in the middle of the county (check the tan trucks near the trailer and tell me what police department is shown).

    To the last couple of groups I stopped last month, thank you for not running and for being respectful. You received the same in return. That is how you get a warning.

    The conditions are really horrible at this point. It really isn’t safe.

    PGPD Sergeant.

  • Ghost Writer

    Thank you for the comment PGPD. I would like to make a small correction in the terminology though. There are no real paranormal teams that should be taken seriously if they are trespassing, breaking in or anything else that involves breaking the law to investigate. They are just thrill seekers looking for a good time.

  • PG Police


    Yes sir. I tend to give people the benefit of doubt when I stop them at the site. We just want no one to get hurt.

    It is creepy though.

  • Ghost Writer

    I amended the article to add a “No Trespassing” message. Thanks for your comments sir.

  • none ya

    At UrbanEx. I have personally visited this place. I am actually pursueing a career in paranormal investigation. I STORNGLY believe in ghosts. I actually have proof that this place is, I wouldn’t really say “haunted” but there are definitly some lost souls still roaming the halls. In one of the pictures we took. They are of the same photo and about I would say 3-4 seconds off. In the first picture u clearly see two orbs. No these are not dust we went through all of the pictures n found we had caught several orbs. I know the difference between dust and orbs. Anyways. We took the shot again in the exact same place and the same two orbs did not show up. The weird thing about these two orbs was that they were actually right under the other as if two friends or co-workers were talking. If u would like me to send them to you just let me know.

  • true

    You can infact get the correct permission to go on and into the property for good reason. Just to correct everyone. There have been plans for this site for a few years that have fallen into the cracks. There is a new plan at this time and a site survey is going to be done as well as a assesment team to go over the different buildings to see what can be kept and restored. It should be an intresting time.

  • Bsmith

    We went in yesterday and today, we saw the morgue on the backside of the large building directly across the street from the Park Service Police trailer. Its a great place, I wish that the vandels had not ruined the place. I bet the historical importance could of been preserved for many years and no, we didnt get caught by the popo. Wedidnt go in any of the buildings but could see alot just by looking in the windows. There is alot of old furnishings still sitting in place and paperwork scattered everywhere. You can really get a sense of how enormous and busy this place used to be. It is really run down now though which is unfortunate. I do reccommend a visit but the buildings are unsafe. If you can make it off of the street without getting caught you should be ok but I wouldnt run from the police as they are usually ok if you dont ake them chase you and interupt thier donut digestion. Good luck to everyone exploring !

  • Emily

    I really want to visit this place for the historic value. I would take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints! But I’m scared of getting caught by the police.

  • Ghost Writer does not condone trespassing. There are ways to contact the right people to see if you can get permission to enter these buildings. Unfortunately sometimes no means no.

  • Mia

    I rode past the building at 1:00 in the morning and there was nothing but fog all around the building and in the street. It was so creepy and the funny thing is that when we passed it the fog just disappered…. I will never go past that buliding again.

  • Trespassers

    My friends and I use to explore there all the time. One night we started off at the childrens building. As we were climbing over the rocks on the lower ground we heard somethig dropped from an above ground. Thinking it was the cops we left the building quickly. While walking away it sounded like someone was laughing on the second floor. We all ignored it thinking it was someone else in the building messing with us. We walked to the main building right after this. Two of us were sitting on the stage in the basement when we saw a light flash in the projection room. When we went in there nothing was there. As we were walking down the hallway I saw a face in one of the door ways. When we entered we stood about two feet away from the wall when we could hear someone laughing and walking around behind us. As my friend looked at me he was covered in goose bumps and said something just touched him. That’s when I decided it was time to leave. As we were walking back towards the stairs you could clearly hear the door next to us open up and slam shut, but it didn’t move at all. That’s when I grabbed his hand and ran so fast I dont know how I remembered every turn and twist to get out of there. I let go of his hand to crawl under the door to get out. I didn’t stop running until I was about ten yards in front of the building. When I turned around there was something tall and dark. I can only remember feeling something breathing on me and was about two inches from my face. I instantly fell to the ground and had a panick attack. When that was done the first thing my friend asked me was what was in front of me. As we sat there we could still hear something walking on top of the leaves on the ground. I have all of this on video on an old phone. I dont care what anyone has to say, this place is haunted and I refuse to go back there.

  • Nolan Purdy

    Visited a few times many years ago while I worked for pgco ! I would like to know if any one has seen the large safe in the basement with two foot thick doors of steal! With writing on the door in the case of emergency contact the dept of navy ! It also had some writing of what was stored there! But never wrote it down! Just still wondering what the military would store in a safe that size in a hospital for the teriminal ill ! Thanks Nolan

  • victor

    i used to live in bowie not far from there and back in 1989 or 1990 i drive onto that property at night with a friend to show him what was there and look at the buildings. I ran over some piece of metal or something in the road and it made a loud noise and next thing i know there was a car coming and some security guard jumped out with a handgun pointing at me yelling for me to get out of the car or something like that. he ended up taking us to some trailer they had there on the property and asking a bunch of questions like what the noise was he heard. got our names and ended up just saying better not find us there again. was rather scary.he was an asshole haha. but i never went there again.

  • Footballmomma82

    In the mid/late 90’s when I was in high school, me & a group of friends went there several times. It was very creepy & intriguing, EVERYTHING was just left, furniture, paper work ect… Like when it closed they didn’t bother taking anything w them! Not even patient files! I remember going through the buildings (mostly during the day, but went a few times at night) & picking up papers & reading about patients & employees who where there. We never damaged or took anything. I don’t remember seeing any ghost but it wouldn’t surprise me. I was always on edge & creeped out anyways bc the boys that were w us would do stuff to scare us on purpose! Lol… I think we were more worried about getting caught then seeing ghost. We never got caught, but I don’t think the police patrolled the area as often then, or maybe they did & we just picked good days :) but none the less the place is creepy!! But the buildings were falling apart then, I can only imagine how bad they are now. But it would be neat to go back to take pictures of the out side. I don’t think I’d want to go into the building now @ 30 & knowing the dangers of it. But would love to take pictures from out side. Digital cameras were still very expensive & not all that available then. If you do decide to take a chance going there & not getting caught take mask’s & gloves w you!!!!! Safety 1st! But I’d say find another spot to explore bc most likely you’ll get caught, & sent home.

  • Juanygirl

    Just found out about this place last week when I pulled up a website on the scariest places in Maryland. To my surprise, it was only ten minutes from my house. Drove pass it last Sunday. If there is a such thing as apparitions, I can imagine this being the perfect location. There’s something so mysterious about this place. But I’m not as intrigued to go find out. Heck, I wouldn’t even take the foot trail that runs behind the main building off of Electric Ave. Too spooky.

  • mike

    if I was to come out with a good friend of mine who is a pg county sergeant would we be able to get access to the property…. just for pictures of what use to be

  • buddy j

    PGPD The main question here would be is there a way in or not if there is a legal way i have a team and am willing to do it legally i can understand precaution but i must see this place in person especialy the tunnels ill get divin equipment if needed wat is the proper way to get in

  • Meredith

    I was curious as to which avenues to take to get legal permission for an escort through the facility. As a photographer and a pg native I have always been curious about this site. However, law abiding citizen I am I have not ever pushed my luck to make a trip up there. Any help or steering in this inquiry would be much appreciative. Not looking for a thrill, more so a preserver of historical foundations.

    Thanks! Much Appreciative!

  • Craig

    I have been threw this place at least 30 times back in the late 80’s and in the early 90’s. It was a great place to explore and get wasted in your teens. We used to only go to the large Building on the hill that has the arch way attaching to the building. The other large building was very hard to try to sneak in to because the only place to park was a side road and the police would know you where there. The main house on the hill had an alam system back then. So it was no fun having to run and evade the cops. The Tunnels under the place usually where filled with water atleast to your waist most of the time, and it sucked in the winter getting wet. We did do it in the summer and it was cool to come up in the other building and it was scarry the first time. As for Ghost I could not say yes or no but we would always hear movement on other floors and did not know if other explores where there with us or not and we did meet others who where there at the same time. One night my friend and I went there with a girl friend of ours and she got real scared by a chair sitting in an empty room, she kept saying that there was a woman staring back at her. We had to leave right after that, she was almost in tears because she was so spoked.
    The building where if my memory is right 7 stories 4 above ground and 3 below ground, the morge was crazy and I had friends who would lay on the slab and have us push them in.I never liked that place but I did bring out some bottles and a few plates from the elevator motors. Great place to have spent some time, now when I look at the recent pictures I am wondering what I have exposed my lungs to at the time.

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