Haunted Garden of Hope Cemetery

Named as one of the top 10 haunted cemeteries in the United States on many lists, The Garden of Hope Cemetery in Gautier Mississippi has more than its fair share of unusual stories that go with the graves that are there. One of the most famous stories comes with the story of a father who was meeting his wife and five children in a hotel one night for a weekend. They were going to take his much anticipated bonus and put it on a house that they have been dreaming of for many years. However, little did any of them know, the father was going to be fired that day.

On the way to the hotel the father kept hearing voices inside his head, telling him what needed to be done. Now was this his psychosomatic way of dealing with the loss of the dream home or was he being possessed by demons? When he got to the hotel, he greeted his family, which consisted of his wife and 5 children (aged from 6 months to 8 years old). The family knew nothing about the lay off and thought that all well good and well in their world. As the family laid sleeping and the father pretended to sleep, he kept being told by the voices of what needed to be done as he was no longer able to provide for his family.

Once he knew that they were all asleep he left the hotel and in a frenzied state returned with a fire ax and proceeded to mutilate his entire family one by one. He then left the hotel and swinging his ax wildly in the rain walked out into the highway and was struck dead by a truck that was carrying a propeller for a ship at the place where he was just fired from. Coincidence or Fate? Did he come full circle from the job that meant so much to him, to be killed by a truck that was heading to that very place?

Some passerby’s have seen children playing among the gravestones at the Garden of Hope Cemetery, and they believe that they are the children who were murdered that night back in the late 1970’s. There are tales of a man who will climb from his grave to search the neighboring grave plots for flowers to take back to his own gravestone.

There is another ghost to linger at this cemetery that is called “Bloody Sarah”, she is seen wearing a bloody housecoat and fluffy slippers, she is seen most often during the day running out in front of cars on the road. She is then heard laughing hysterically when they stop and get out of their vehicles because they thought they hit a real person.

They say that there is a Mississippi werewolf buried here, some say they have heard him howling and growling during a full moon. There are also those who believe they hear the chains rattling from his chained and cemented tomb.

The friendliest ghost at this cemetery is of a lone grave digger who was killed on the road. He will smile at those who knew him and scowl at strangers. He has been known to hitch hike and when passing the place where he died will tell the driver “this is where I died” and then just vanish into thin air.

Of course there are the usual cold spots, orbs and phantom lights that are seen at most graveyards. If you plan to investigate just beware as some of the ghosts pack a pretty solid punch.


  • mr riddler

    I live in gautier and for a long time, I have been searching for the so called garden of hope. There isn’t any such thing, or atleast not in this town. The only place that comes close to anything like this is frasier park cemetery, but that’s only because I saw a hobo shack back there…

  • Souleater

    i live in Gautier as well and there isn’t any cemetery by the name of Garden of Hope. I have however, heard a rumor that the cemetery is actually in Ocean Springs and the name was changed over the years, but other than that- I’ve got nothing. Now “Rock’n Roll graveyard is certainly a scary place, however that’s in St. Martin and is now under video surveillance. The legend of the 14 curves going in and 13 coming out is true. I haven’t seen any ghosts out there and its been years since my last visit (tried going out there tonight, but the camera thing got me thinking different) but I can personally vouch for the curve thing- VERY weird…. Any way I can help or if anyone has info on the Garden of Hope Cemetery, give me head’s up at souleater99@yahoo.com– thanks

  • Power Girl

    There is no Garden of Hope–I have lived in this area all my life and have never heard of it–and there was no murder like that in the late 70’s–my Dad was on the Sheriff’s Dept and the Gautier Police and his friend that has served on the Sheriff’s Dept since the 70’s and still on the Sheriff’s Dept said that is not true–that is just a myth

  • Who Dat

    This is another internet myth. I’ve lived in Gautier all my life and this did not happen.

  • bambi

    I contacted several people in the know that have investigated it first hand.

    The actual name has been changed by request of the cemetery because the actual cemetery grounds and graves were being seriously vandalized by amateur ghost hunters

  • Pappie

    There is a small cemetery to the right when entering Huck’s Cover. Could this be the mysterious ‘Garden of Hope’ cemetery? Whether or not it actually exists, I know for a fact that the axe wielding father who supposedly killed his entire family is absolutely 100% false. It did not happen.

  • Mary

    Rock n’ Roll cemetery is in Ocean Springs, Mississippi and it is not Garden of Hope Cemetery. There is no garden of hope on google maps. I live in Gautier and can’t find it. There are no police records of the guy who killed his family either.

  • evan talbot

    actually yall, my friends and i found this cemetery last night, its a lil north of vancleave, my email is evantalbot2@Hotmail.com …send me a msg if u want to know, but even though it had the same name, we didnt see a mausoluem there…..but u can still hit me up if u want directions.

  • big popy

    ive lived in gautier all my life also and have heard about the garden of hope never seen it nor heard how to get to it as a kid i stayed in the water or in the woods so doubt seriously this garden of hope is true… and if someone knows about where it is just a road name ill find it…

  • Jen

    a friend of mine who is a gautier cop said its the one by hucks cove so me and some friends are going out ther tonight to see :)

  • Friend of Jen

    Jen, I told you to post the results. The cemetery by Hucks Cove was NOT the Garden of Hope. It does not fulfill any of the requirements. No luck.

  • Lauren

    Garden of Hope IS in Gautier. Many friends have told me about it and they took me by there a couple nights ago. It is on a road off of Spanish Trail. It’s located behind Gautier Elementary. We experienced a few things while out there; the gate closed on us while we were about to enter, we heard laughing, and saw a figure walk by behind the trees but we got too freaked out and left. Hope this helps some of ya’ll looking for it!

  • Rachel

    Was it Pinecrest?
    Or Franklin?
    I’ve been to both, and had absolutely no experiences at either.

  • Heather

    I live in Gautier, MS (raised in it too). It’s on the coast in case anyone wants to know. It’s pronounced go-shay. Some people think it’s pronounced “gutter” lol!

  • Believer

    I live in Gautier and have never heard of the “Garden of Hope” ghost stories until today. I became curious and have been searching websites all day. I have noticed each posted story is almost exactly the same word for word. I think someone has enjoyed making upstories and watching others getting excited and/or freaked out. Now, if you are looking for a great haunted place….move into Magnolia Oaks Apartments….I myself have experienced very strange happenings while living here. I have friends who have moved in an fled these apartments as soon as they have been able to…within 6 months of moving in. I have even had room mates that frantically would wake me up screaming from such strange happenings. During the day and during the night you can expect sightings, sounds, writtings, and drawings….

  • SunnVes

    The cemetary by Hucks cove is the one of the oldest on the coast and they did find a dead body in the ditch by the cemetary during the 80s. I have lived in Gautier since 1977 and the killings are 100% BULL. Now the shoe shop right down the road from the huck cove cemetary is where a woman name Karen Pierce? was murdered by a motorcycle gang in the early 80s.

  • jen

    I live in gautier and I used a ghost finder app on my Android. It kept showing several entities and kept saying “hope” “red” “rope” and other things. I never heard of the garden of hope before but when I Google what the ghost app picked up, I found this page. This is totally creeping me out. I used to live in magnolia oaks and must say I had heard of ppl seeing and hearing things. The only thing I ever experienced was my lights flickering after a friend died. But where is garden of hope? I want to find this person named red.

  • Nancy

    There is no “Garden of Hope” cemetery. If you look at the supposed picture of it, it doesn’t match any of the graveyards around here. I’m wondering if the one behind Gautier elementary is actually the First Baptist Church cemetery? I will tell you this, the scariest graveyard I’ve ever been to is the one in Frazier Park. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there, but if you go west on Magnolia Tree Dr. (the same road that Gautier Elementary is on) go through the stop sign, you’ll come to Chamberlain Rd. It’s somewhere along that road. It’s hard to find if you don’t know where it is. They’ve put a gate and sign that warns no trespassing and I’m sure it’s patrolled. And it’s not the best area of town. The graves go back to the 1700’s. I’ve had experiences during the day and night. Shadows, cold spots, laughter, etc. Definitely not for the fainthearted or those scared of getting arrested!

  • chris, daniel, and joey

    garden of hope was renamed historic franklin cemetery. its in the back streets of a ghetto neighborhood, down the road from the elementary school, and the schools right by First Baptist Church Gautier. crazy stuff happens there. ive felt like ive had to throw up a few times while i was there before.

  • kelly

    I live in Gautier have you tried the cemetary in hickory hills which is north Gautier its next to the country club its extremely old 1600″s …

  • janet

    if you go to frazier cemetary you will find that this is one only cemetary with locks on it and you have to have a reason to visit there and it is the haunted one. you have to be at the right place at the right time! why do you think it is called GHOST TOWN??

  • elise

    i live in gautier and i went to this graveyard lat night with a couple of friends and was extremly scared….it is gated but you hop the feince and you walk a good ways back and thereit is, as we were there you could here a slight giggiling of chhildren and as we were walking out we did defintaly hear the chains, and it was a full moon. off the trail that heads back there you can go in the woods and there is a ambanded house with a moonsine still, chiken coops and a toilet, i think this was the hotel, but anyway i was extremly terrified the whole time. and all the ppl who say it dosnt exsist it does…

  • Jess

    Search 2813 Chamberlain Road, Gautier MI 39553 USA on google maps…

    use the satellite view and you should see a long (about a half mile) gravel road. keep looking back until you see two clearings. . . one is just a clearing but the other one (a smaller one I might add) has something there I couldn’t zoom in enough but I’m positive that’s the grave yard.

  • Shan

    I found this online but not sure if it is correct, please let me know if it is right as I plan to visit it soon. 2813 Chamberlain Rd. Gautier, MS 39553

  • Joey Miller

    Shan. If you are still active on this page, send me an email nbdrummer@att.net, or a text 228-281-9014 and I can tell you 109 reasons NOT to go to the Garden Of Hope “Historic Franklin” cemetery. It was renamed because of all the attention it got.

  • Pickledshoes

    I live in Gautier, Mississippi and I use to live down the street front the Garden of Hope. The real name of the cemetery is the historical franklin cemetary.

  • Baa

    If you go almost to the first bridge going into Pascagoula Mississippi you will see the old place too your left and turn right and you will see it and of your coming to Gautier the its the other way around

  • Heather

    I have very dissapointing news for those in hopes of this graveyard being the legendary “Garden of Hope Cemetery”. Today my husband and I took a drive out and asked the local resedential owner for access into the cemetery. he was a bit questionable about us being there because of his own family was burried in there. We simply told him we just wanted to look around and take pictures, and he was very kind in letting us roam the cemetery for a little over an hour. We asked him if he has heard of the cemetery Garden of Hope or the legend pertaining to it, he said he has never heard of the cemetery nor the story behind it. He did warn us that the cemetery is surrounded by swamp and Alligators nest in the area behind it. Not to mention some of the tombs were roaded up from hurricane Katrina and the bodies had to be reburried. We walked around in hopes of trying to find it anything that looked or resembled the tomb or marker that had Hal and his family burried there. Nothing. This is me being 100% honest and not trying to cover anything. so I don’t recommend going at night less the law gets you for trespassing if the alligators don’t get you first. And he does patrol the area to insure Noone vandalizes the area. If you want to check it out I would get permission first and during the day so you can see for yourself there is no such grave or tomb marker that pertains to Hal’s legend. Also we investigated Pine Crest cemetery. That is definitely not it nor is the Hucks Grove cemetery. Hucks Grove is where the Gautier family has been burried and Pine crest is a church cemetery owned by the Adams. If there is such a cemetery, I can understand the reasoning for it being well hidden and it’s whereabouts being unknown. My assumption is that because of how shameful the act was, in order to prevent anyone that had hatred for what Hal had done, it would definitely prevent desecration and vandalism happening to the grave site. I have been searching for this Graveyard myself going on 4 years now, and still have come up with nothing. My husband and I are avid ghost hunters with professional equipment and have been doing this for several years. If I find anything I will let you know. However I do ask that you respect the owners, the dead, and your life that graveyard definitely isn’t safe to go in at night, being you can’t see what’s crawling around back there since it is an alligator nesting area.

  • Heather

    That’s not it. I have been to all three cemeteries listed on the website and non of the is the garden of hope. Again that is where the Gautier family is burried.

  • Jennifer

    2813 Chamberlain Road
    Gautier, Mississippi, USA. This is the address that came up when i went looking for the cemetery. Not sure if it is it but you guys can try it.

  • Danky

    I live in the neighborhood all my life and I’m 39 yrs old. If it was not for trees I could see the cemetery from my house. This is a complete lie. And if u come looking for it and find it beware that someone might great u coming out with a shot gun. We are a community that is family oriented and we protect and take pride of our cemetery cause we have family members buried out there. My dad is out there. You or more than welcome to come visit us but leave the cemetery ALONE. PS: when was the name change to Garden of Hope cause no one in my neighborhood had ever heard of that name

  • Iris Mendenhall

    I find this a real LIE. This is so not true. I grew up in this neighborhood and it’s MY family cemetery. It’s not haunted and it’s off limits to the public because there’s been vandalism. It’s not a place to hang out in. If you notice there’s a gate there with a lock just for that reason. My mom lives not even 1000 ft from it. Our loves ones are laid to rest and be at peace. So please stop with this . Proceed with caution.

  • Heather Fosnaugh

    I’m very sorry for this Iris Mendenhall and the vandalism that has occurred. People should really ask for permission before going period and be respectful. I only enter cemeteries when granted access and in doing so I pay my respects. My soul purpose for that visit was to put this legend to rest so you guys can move on but unfortunately, it seems as though people won’t listen unless they find out for themselves. AGAIN! THERE IS NO SUCH CEMETERY! I HAVE BEEN DOING RESEARCH ON GRAVE YARDS FOR YEARS IN THAT AREA AND ALONG THE COAST OF MS! IT IS WHAT IT IS JUST A STORY!!! AND YOU SHOULD NEVER GO INTO ANY CEMETERY WITHOUT PERMISSION!!!!

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