The Haunted Croke-Patterson Mansion

The Croke-Patterson mansion is honestly hard to miss. A 14,000 square feet home and carriage house made of Manitou sandstone sitting on top of a hill majestically looking over Denver, Colorado. Built by Thomas Croke, he only had the mansion one year before selling it. Legend claims he walked into the spacious mansion just once and was shaken by what he felt and never stayed there. It seems the reputation of the haunted Croke-Patterson Mansion was established early.

It was two years later in 1893 that Thomas Patterson acquired the home in a trade for some land. The Patterson family kept the home for decades.  His daughter Margaret married Richard Campbell and they lived in the house long after the death of her dad in 1916.  Since then the mansion has been used as a dance studio, radio station, boarding house, an office building, and now is being renovated into a bed and breakfast.

The strangest story that has come out of the Croke-Patterson mansion was that of three Doberman Pinschers. During the renovation of the mansion into office buildings in the 1970’s, construction crews began to experience strange occurrences. They would put in a day’s work and come in the next to only to find everything they had done had been undone.

Thinking they were being vandalized at night they left three Doberman guard dogs in the mansion at night. They next day however they sadly found two of the dogs had jumped out a third story window to their deaths. The third was found huddled in a corner shaking and in a puddle of waste. Could something unseen have scared the dogs or could this two been caused by intruders?

After the office buildings were opened, paranormal claims from employees of equipment turning on and off and telephones ringing mysteriously started coming in immediately. There is a story of a séance being held in the building to find out who may be haunting the building. It is claimed that a little girl was supposedly buried in the cellar. Though a hidden chamber was found on excavation, nobody of any kind was ever found.

There are many other paranormal claims related to the haunted Croke-Patterson Mansion. An apparition has been seen walking up and down the main stairway. In the courtyard between the carriage house and the mansion itself, some have claimed to see Thomas Patterson walking around. More than a few people have also claimed to hear disembodied voices from all around the mansion.

More recently on June 23rd, during the current renovation of the mansion into a bed and breakfast, there was a fire in the second floor bedroom.  The fire was quickly extinguished but is still under investigation. Though there were many construction materials in the home, you have to wonder if the spirits of the haunted Croke-Patterson Mansion would rather not have the renovations done.

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