The Haunted 1891 Castle Inn

It started as a New Orleans plantation house and a long two story home built in the 1800’s. Around 1891 it was bought by a gentleman named Alva Schnitt who built a three story mansion on the spot. In 1998 the latest owners started to renovate the home into a bed and breakfast. They renamed it to the 1891 Castle Inn and it is also became one of the most haunted places in America.

When you enter the Castle Inn you immediately get transformed back to another time nearly 100 years ago. The 9,500-square foot mansion has 38 rooms, 13-foot ceilings, hardwood floors, and décor from that time period. Though no previous owners claimed to have ghosts, when the new owners started the renovation it brought more than just a new look.

The first spirit is that of a little girl who drowned in a nearby pond that was once on the grounds of the original plantation. History reports that a girl around the age of 8 wearing a white petticoat fell into the lake. Unfortunately the petticoat filled with water and acted as an anchor pulling her to the bottom. She is said to be a playful spirit who likes to play pranks and is not only seen around the 1891 Castle Inn but also wondering around the neighborhood. According to the local story, she is out looking for her mom.

The second ghost that frequents the 1891 Castle Inn is that of a man who was a paid servant. The man was reportedly a drinker and died in his bed one night when he started a fire in his room and was apparently too drunk to escape and died of smoke inhalation. This man is often seen in glimpses or just out the corner of an eye. It seems this man is drawn to modern technology and likes to play with the lights, ceiling fans, televisions and the like.

One of the biggest occurrences is that of missing room keys. It is reported that guest can get their keys during checking in and have them be missing by the time they get to their rooms. There is also activity with items within the rooms themselves with drinking glasses, brushes, wallets and other items moving around when you leave the room. TV’s getting unplugged, seeing the little girl and servant wondering the halls, footsteps running up and down the halls and the laughter of a girl all have been reported by various guests.

There are many experiences written about in the 1891 Castle Inn guest book. Here is one we thought you would enjoy:

First Night: My friend and I woke up this morning to find out stuff had been moved around. She had her suitcase in a couch and it was open. My suitcase was on the floor and it was closed. This morning we found our suitcases had switched places. Hers was now closed and mine was open. I had thrown my shoes randomly on the floor, and this morning they were very neatly laid at the foot of my bed. Also, we both had some of our stuff on a table in the room, and we’re not sure if the table was turned around or if our stuff was moved. Nothing was hidden, but it was all moved around.

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