Ghosts of the Titanic

The tragic story of the Titanic is a well known one. What many may not realize, however, is that the Titanic Exhibit, which travels from one major city to the next, giving people the opportunity to view many of the once-lost artifacts from the monumental wreckage, seems to be perpetually haunted.

The strangest aspect of the paranormal phenomenon that seems to be complacently haunting the Titanic exhibit is that wherever it goes, the ghost(s) follow. Most ghost hauntings take place on the grounds in which the spirit died. With the Titanic being a completely different situation altogether, I guess it should be so surprising that spirits would attach themselves to the artifacts, and haunt whatever location houses them.

Just how many ghosts haunt the titanic Exhibition? It’s very hard to say. More than 1,500 people went down with the ship on that fateful evening of April 14, 1912. Though the Titan had been built with the most modern, sophisticated technologies of that time, and was earnestly termed by engineers to be “unsinkable”, mother nature proved them wrong.

There were 3,547 people on the Olympic-class passenger liner, the largest steam-powered passenger ship in the world, as it left the harbor on its maiden voyage. On that devastating night, the Titanic hit an iceburg. For the next two hours and forty minutes, frantic men and women, husbands and wives, frightened children and crew members, fought a predictably losing battle for their very lives.

The ship was equipped with enough life boats to rescue 1,178; not nearly enough to whisk more than 3,500 horrified passengers to safety. Following a strict code of human respect, the life boats were filled among the repeated shouts of “women and children first”. Most of those who went down with the ship that night were male.

The Titanic Artifact Exhibit is currently set up at the Georgia Aquarium, and has been for quite some time. Due to the incredible response from visitors, and paranormal investigators, as the case may be, the titanic Exhibit has been rescheduled to remain in the Georgia Aquarium until September of 2009.

An overwhelming number of visitors to the exhibit have claimed to get an eerie feeling, as if being watched, or feeling an immense sadness around specific objects or areas of the exhibit. Most assumed it was a general somber mood brought about by the near-century old disaster, but as more and more reports come in with similar claims, a lot of people are taking notice – including the TAPS team of paranormal investigators from Sci-Fi’s “Ghost Hunters”.

Even a spokeswoman for the aquarium, Meghann Gibbons, has relayed her belief, and the belief of many volunteers working on the exhibit, that is in fact haunted. One visitor to the Titanic Exhibit, with her daughter and 4 year old grandson, firmly agree.

According to her story, while viewing the 1st class quarters, she and her daughter thought little of the young boy’s repeated questioning “Who is that lady?”, and “What is she doing?” They assured him that there was only a dress laid out over the love seat, as if waiting to be adorned. It wasn’t until they heard later that TAPS was investigating paranormal activity in the Titanic Exhibit that they believed the boy had experienced his first ghostly encounter.

The TAPS lead investigators, Jay and Grant, also concur that the Titanic Exhibit is haunted. After a lengthy investigation, which aired on the 97th anniversary of the ships tragic demise, the TAPS team found adequate evidence of paranormal activity, including an eerie EVP recording. They were seated in a room trying to communicate with the ghost, and asked the spirit if it wanted them to leave. The voice clearly replied, “Now – please, wait.” Unfortunately, Jay and Grant could not follow-up on the questions, since they did not hear the voice until later, when the evidence was being reviewed.


  • John Russo

    My friend Steve is currently the night watchmen for the Titanic Exhibit at the Discovery Museum in New York. He stated at 3AM one of his cameras reacts to something and the motion detector goes off. He didn’t know that TAPS investigated until he mentioned to me while watching TAPS today. He also hears machinery sounds and the whole building vibrates. Like being in a ship.

  • Jay Mcfarland

    Hey. nice review. I’d just like to point out a typographical error. In your review it says the titanic sank on the faitful night of aprial 12, 1912, but it did in fact sink on the night of april 14th, and early morning of april, 15th 1912. Just thought I’d point that out. anyways very nice review.

  • cidni

    I had a strange feeling of not being able to breathe like I was suffocating upon entering the room that had red lights and displayed pictures of the workers that worked the large furnases (spelling). It was wierd.

  • Tammy

    I went today to the Titanic exhibit on its last day in St. Paul, MN. I am a big fan of Ghosthunters and went through the iceberg room hoping that I was going to have an experience in that room. I was just leaving the room (the one that had benches you could sit on which is just after the iceberg room) and thinking to myself “darn, I didn’t feel anything but the sadness of the whole catastrophe” throughout that entire area, when just as I was entering the next room (had lit up life boats on the floor and stories of telegraph men and Carpathia artifacts) I started to feel super dizzy and walked over to the first corner straight ahead and was reading something when it felt like a person put their hand on my shoulder. There was no one there and it felt super cold at first but then super hot like a frost bite sting. I walked over to the next corner and the feeling started to subside as well as the dizziness, but then as leaving that room I got that dizziness again (maybe high EMF in that room?). Anyways I went to the restroom about 15 minutes later to look at my shoulder and there was about a 2 in long red mark at the end of my shoulder. My husband thinks I’m nuts but I totally believe in ghosts.

  • Wendy Arbuckle

    My cousin and I attended the Discovery Artifact Exhibit in Times Square today. After walking through the hallway portion, we both started feeling the distinct rocking sensation of being on a ship. This feeling lingered for at least 20 minutes. We asked one of the exhibit employees if there was a vibration or movement within the exhibit causing this. Her response was “No, but I’ve had others ask the same question.” Our family made fun of us but my cousin and I both know what we felt was very real.

  • Laura Mae

    I went last year and I would say it is haunted. I was touched when no one was by me and I heard crying. It was a sad but very touching exibit. I would Love To Go Back and see it agian and see if anything happens. Thank you

  • Ghost Writer

    This is the traveling exhibit – was in Atlanta at the time at the Georgia Aquarium but has currently moved on. Can not remember where it went though.

  • Ema

    I went to the exhibit in Denver, Colorado. As I walked in the first room of the exhibit I felt like I was being watched. Then when I walked into the room with the plaque on the wall with the names of people that died on the Titanic I was overcome with grief.

  • Jean

    The exhibit at the Louisville science museum had strong scent of cold sea water.
    It gave me chills, mixed with overcoming grief. What experience have you had?

  • andrew lucas

    I went to the exhibit the 2nd week of June at COSI in Columbus Ohio. While viewing some of the personal artifacts it felt as though something was lightly touching me on the top of my head.

  • Grace

    Like Tammy, I saw it in St. Paul. My brain wasn’t even on ghostly things at the time (though I have had experiences before).
    One of the last rooms, though (I think the one right after the iceberg room – it had a salvaged door from the ship in it), was where everything happened. There were shoulder taps, that feeling you were being watched, and that rocking ocean feeling. It wasn’t until I went by the door that it ALL hit me, though – SO MUCH TERROR and SO MUCH GRIEF all at once. I started crying, couldn’t breathe, and I was very dizzy…but it was only by that door. I eventually went to the next room and waited until my family caught up.

    That being said, it was a very good exhibit. I’d seen most of the stuff the first time it came around (I was a little kid and the movie had just come out), and it was just as exciting, and much more in-depth than I remembered. If it’s still touring, I’d totally recommend it!

  • rebecca


  • Gabriella

    I viewed the exhibit along with the tut exhibit with my family when it was in our city (Atlanta).

    you go buy the tickets.

    (EVERYONE WHO IS GOING INSIDE GETS A CARD WITH A NAME OF A REAL PERSON WHO DIED OR LIVED from the the last room you will see if you died or lived.)

    you have a picture made (the background is the stairs from the boat).wasn’t a lot people viewing the exhibit when we got there so i was happy that meant it would be less crowded

    when you walk inside in the corner there is a game like simulation where you try to steer the boat. in the back you find a iceberg that was so cold and it has hand imprints scattered on it.

    i wanted to try the simulated game but of course a lady and her son was busy hogging it. i looked over at the iceberg and i saw this man dressed in a black and white suit. he looked at me and i looked at him.

    here’s the thing on that: i’m NOT saying anything like i saw a ghost. i don’t know. but i didn’t see him when he came in because the iceberg is at the beginning of the exhibit and he stands out because everyone else is wearing casual clothes. the workers wear the same polo and pants.

    to go on the next room you have to go thru this SMALL hall. you walk the small hall and view pictures of the boat. like the levels and outline of where everything was

    here’s the thing on that: that man in the suit didn’t go thru the hall.

    then you view more jewelry,kitchen stuff, money, odd objects(ex: like parts from the machines used to make the boat work)

    Next room you find how each room looked for the 1st class 2nd class and 3rd. you can imagine what 3rd looked like, sadly if i lived those days we might be 2nd but maybe 3rd.

    then you find a room where you see details and information about the boat.and there’s headphone and a clip for you to watch and listen. and there’s a small titanic model broken in half,sinking in the water displayed.

    Then Close to end was the most saddest room to find. its the room that had REAL personal stuff like clothes,boots and things like that from the people who was on the boat. you found uniforms too. and on the wall was the names of people who died/lived. like i said, at the beginning you get a card with a name on it and at the end of the exhibit you get to see if you lived or died. I did NOT make it. i know my sister’s did. not sure on my moms and dad.

    overall yes that place will give you the creeps mostly where the personal stuff was at and the iceberg. it felt like you were being watched thats all i felt like someone is watching right behind me. and then i saw that b&w suit guy.

    days after we viewed it.on tv it said that it might be haunted?. then i starting thinking about the guy in the suit.

    Ive had other,i think encounters in my home. twice when i was alone in the evening. i heard a voice from the kicthen that mocked my mothers voice. i looked to see if my actual mother came home but she didnt.LOL let me tell you i ran out that house with just a robe on and wouldnt go back in until she was home. of course my neighbors thought “this *itch is crazy” because it was cold and raining.

  • Michaela Mason

    I’ve seen the episode of “Ghost Hunters” where they investigate the Titanic Exhibit. It gave me the creeps, because when I went to the exhibit in Vegas, I had a strange thing happen to me. It all started when I was given a card with the name of a Titanic passenger on it, so at the end, you can find out whether ‘you made it’ or not.
    In the exhibit, there is a place you walk through that makes you feel like you are on the side of the ship, looking out over the rails. After going through that, my group walked through and saw what the boarding rooms were like for each class. I was all right after First and Second class, but when I got to the First class room and saw a dress lying on a chair, I just started to cry.
    Now, I’m not a very emotional person, and I just started to cry? I was almost sobbing. A sudden panic struck me, which turned into a weird despair. My mom wanted to know what was the matter, so I made up some lame excuse (she didn’t buy it, and watched me like a hawk for the rest of the day), and we moved on.
    As soon as I was out of that hallway, I stopped crying.

    I don’t know what happened. Maybe that building has an extremely high Electromagnetic Frequency, and that makes people susceptible to strange feeling and emotions. Maybe I’m hypersensitive to those fields, and that’s why I got the strange mood swing. All I know is that the previously mentioned name card I was given at the beginning of the tour had the name of a man from First Class, John Jacob Aster.
    He didn’t survive.

  • meera

    I feel very funny about the findings you people make. I’ve seen the program. The aquarium management is making money by selling spicy stories. If every person dies turn to spirit then the earth will be filled with them. Hi hi hi

  • Otto

    Uh, meera, I believe that is exactly what everyone’s saying; The world is filled with them. Most people who believe in Ghosts though also believe they often “pass over” and have no need to hang around a certain location unless they’re unsatisfied with their death or unaware they’re even dead.

    Everyone can pass up opinions and ideas by commenting online, but have you gone to and experienced the Exhibit personally?

  • suzie

    ghost and spirits can be real but that doesn’t mean u have to be scared
    just say go to the lite they don’t know if they dead

  • lolly

    i believe tht ghosts can be real. my teacher told my class tht she went 2 the nyc exhbit 4 her bday and had experienced the same things. believe me she doesnt lie.

  • freundo

    The Titanic Exhibit is now here in Indianapolis, Indiana. It has been here since Sept. 2010. Will be here till Jan. 16, 2011.

  • Alex

    I went to the titanic exhibit before it went to georgia, they had a portion of the hull that they had pulled up on display and while there was a sign saying “DON’T TOUCH THE ARTIFACTS!” I was compelled to anyways, I remember feeling very cold when I touched it and a little sad

  • melanie

    ITS HERE IN WINNIPEG,MB, CANADA, i will be attending and come back and tell of my experience, i did watch ghost hunters and i do believe they’re spirits in the exhibit……….

  • Kell

    There were only 2,228 people aboard during the sinking. The number in this article (3,547) is the total capacity the Titanic could have carried. Just thought I would point that out.

  • Jesse

    I was reading that many people wanted to know where the Titanic exhibit is currently located. It is in fact in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I just recently went to see it at the science center; I didn’t have an otherworldly experience but it is a haunting exhibit which leaves one feeling sympathetic to those effected by the tragedy. I highly recommend it to everyone, and if anyone is curious to any of it’s future locations I know that there is website but it’s much simpler to google it.

  • G-Dog

    Jay Mcfarland you are wrong. It struck an Ice Berg April 12th, and sank at 2:20 in the morning of April 13th. I don’t know where you came up with April 14-15th. My great grandmother was on Titanic when it sank. She was one of the survivors. I think she would know when it sank she still had the ticket with the date on it. And the original news paper that followed the next day. She has since passed away but the true horror of what she and those people went through has never been truly acknowledged. People seem to have a romantic view of it ever since the movie came out. That is no way how it was and I think trying to capitalize on something that one has no idea of how others suffered is just wrong.

  • scott

    At the Louisville exhibit was there an actor dressed as the captain walking around? I saw him a few times but thought it was a neat touch to the exhibit. Please tell me that ws what it was and not a ghost.
    Thanks, Scott

  • Jean

    Scott, I went to the Louisville exhibit in October 2010, and actors were not
    present at the museum. Maybe actors were present at a later date?

  • scott

    I believe I had that wrong. It was the Cincinatti exhibit not the Louisville exhibit that I went to. It had to be an an actor, it was to clear not to be. Although no one that I went with said they saw him or can remember seeing him.

  • EdieAnn

    G-dog – you are completely incorrect the ship did, in fact, strike the iceburg on April 14th, 1912 at 11:40pm and sink April 15,1912 at 2:20am – feel free to look up the inquires help and all the facts stated in both the American and British inquiry. I doubt thousands of all these documents can be wrong. I don’t believe you have any hard proof that it is the dates you stated and if you have this ticket – prove it. I am and always will be completely captivated by Titanic and will continue to read and learn everything I can.

  • kaitlynn

    i beleive that there are spirits in the exbits! i wish that i could have seen the exbits!i want to know everything on the titanic!i want to know all the ppl! :)

  • rob

    i was recently at this little museum in ocean city maryland that showcases probably about 12-15 pieces of titanics history (tea cups, ship pieces ect..) while i was there it was a really crappy day for weather and noone else was in the place except for employees and there was an old woman in classic 1912 apparel looking at me from the corner of the room shaking her head with tears in her eyes….creepy stuff.

  • Donns

    A few years back the exhibit was in Omaha NE. In the window of the salvage door there was a face looking out of it. I was not the only one who saw it. Two other in my group did, and several people quickly walked away from it.

  • Shelley

    The traveling exhibit is here in Davenport, Iowa right now. I have seen it twice, and both times going through I begin to feel dizzy once I turn the corner to go into the next room, then I just have this complete and overwhelming feeling of sadness. Then I got a headache. As soon as we were done in the Titanic Exhibit, the feelings and headache went away. This happened to me twice. I also break out in goose bumps and not because it’s cold. I believe there is something there.

  • JB Ismay

    I think it is very interesting indeed to read all of your stories. I’ve been to many Titanic exhibits the first being the Pyrimad in Memphis, TN. the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore, the Maritime mueaum in Norfolk, and the Titanic Society itself in Indian Orchard, MA. I firmly beieve in a prior life I was on the Titanic, and didn’t survive. However, at the exhibits I didn’t sense dread or dizziness simply sorrow and then peace. If I could afford too I would see more exhibits.

  • Amanda

    I went about two years ago I would say it was to this traveling titanic exhibit, it was at our local mall, thought it was kind of weird at first considering it was at a mall, but you waited in line, got a ticket that looked like an actual ticket, and there was an actor standing in what looked to be a replica of the captains outfit. My sister & I took a picture with the captain and they had a giant picture of the grand staircase from the Titanic. It was really cool, at first. We entered the exhibit, I just remember it being cold inside, there were artifacts of the victims, and then I found out the person that I had gotten had died. I didn’t see any ghosts, but I do believe they’re there, and it is possible. Ghosts attach themselves to thinks that were personal to them in their life, and I’m sure many of these things were personal to them. People need to be more respectful and not touch the artifacts they’re almost a hundred years old and need to be well preserved. I was mad when I found out that the atlanta aquarium was having an exhibit for the titanic in 2009, because I had just been there in 2006, would love to have seen it.

  • Cherise

    I wholeheartedly support EdieAnn…G-Dog is WAY wrong! Titanic set sail from Southampton, England at noon on April 10, struck the iceberg April 14, and sank at approx 2:20am April 15. If you “supposedly” have these documents, then lets see them. You need to back up your claims with solid, authentic artifacts if you are so absolutely sure you are right. I hate nothing more than people trying to get attention by claiming that they are related to a survivor and know all this stuff, but can’t back it up with anything. If you’re that starving for attention, find a healthier, more honest way of seeking it.

  • Alexandra

    It was more than chivalry that was supposed to allow for women and children to board the lifeboats first. More first class men survived than third class (steerage) women and children.First class ‘gent’ White Star Director (?) was a social outcast after he survived.He’s in the movie convincing the Captain to increase speed so they can make headlines by reaching New York early.
    Does anyone know when this tour will be in Toronto in 2011-2012?I believe it came through this city in the last few years but I missed it.
    I think most people are reacting to the powerful & intense emotions when viewing the exhibits.Whatever happened to the promise that artifacts would never be retrieved.The site was considered a graveyard and to be respected as such.That was the thinking after they discovered the ‘remains’ of the Titanic.Guess someone found a way to still make a buck of this tragedy almost 100 years later.

  • Amber

    This is all interesting thank you all for sharing your personal experiences. When i was little i went to a titanic exhibit in the Smithsonian, and there r very few things i remember but i don’t remember feeling anything like sadness or seeing things. Maybe because i was to young i don’t know for sure but if i could see another titanic exhibit i would go in a heart beat because it all just fascinates me. RIP people who perished on that fateful morning.

  • Jennifer

    I just visited the titanic exhibit in las Vegas and before knowing any of these ghostly encounters about the place, I specifically felt like 4 separate times the sensation of rocking like on a boat in the promenade area of the exhibit. At the time, I thought, “hey this is cool, they even put a hydraulic system in to make it feel life like, as you would on ship.” And I mentioned to my friend like ,”hey that’s cool, we’re moving, did you feel that?” She thought I was crazy, she didnt feel a thing. A handful of hours after the exhibit we saw these various articles…sure enough, we called back to the exhibit and asked if there was any movement built into the exhibit to mimic any rocking sensations and the staff said no. There you go, as mentioned above, the sensation was very real. That exhibit made me a believer even though at the time of its occurrence I was very nonchalant and oblivious to the fact that “that feeling” wasn’t being felt by anybody else around me and wasn’t in fact part of “the ride.”

  • gaparoonie

    There are at least 8 traveling exhibits of various sizes as well as several permanent exhibits. A lot of the money raised helps pay for continued research. A new one opened in San Diego. Eerie, awesome, sad, a touching memorium to all the lives of these people. The exhibits have actors that portray the Captain and other crew or passengers from time. Wish they had more artifacts. They tell the story. The “iceberg” IS for touching and is literally chilling. I think some people will sense things and others won’t. Well worth seeing!

  • Darci

    Was there any signs of children females who were ghosts?Are they huanting certain artifacts?

  • Frank E.

    I went to the Titanic Exhibit in Houston in March 2012, and felt a sense of sadness and also had the notorious “feeling” about being watched. A psychic once told me that you have to tell spirits not to bother you or else they might come back home with you and might cause trouble. But I do feel like the artifacts have spirits attached to them. Maybe they should have left these things alone on the sea floor?

  • Kirsty

    Even though I am only 12, I do know that the Titanic sank on the morning of the 15th. It is now almost 100 years exactly since the vessel sank (it is the 6th of April 2012) so a lot of things are on the tv including the date it sank and the date of the 3D movie being released. Also, does anyone know if it is coming to London England at all? Thankyou and sorry G-dog but if your great grandma died on that morning then I’m sorry and all respect to her.

  • Ashley

    I visited the Titanic exhibit in Galveston at the Moody Gardens museum I think it was 2008 or 2009 I can’t remember if it was before or after Hurricane Ike.

    Anyway, I remember walking into the beginning of the exhibit. I’m utterly fascinated by stuff like this so I was looking forward to it. I walked in and through and in each consecutive area the feeling of fear and dread increased and increased. As I got to the next to last room I was overcome by this AWFUL pain in my jaw. I mean it was so bad I was screaming in pain ( I actually ended up going to ER later than evening as it didn’t get better).

    Now, whether or not it was supernaturally caused I have no idea just find it interesting that it happened in the room with all the personal pieces and other artifacts after increasing feelings of fear and dread.

  • Ericka

    I went to the exhibit yesterday in las vegas, because it was the 100 anniversary april.15.
    I constantly felt like i was being watched and someone was behind me, when i saw the big piece of the ship, i felt overcome with sadness, and i definately felt as though i was on a rocking ship, ive been on tons of cruises and boats, and it definately felt real!!

  • Myraida

    Hello everyone!
    Well, in 2010 I went to the exhibition in Puerto Rico. Talking about creepy situations, I felt afraid in the room with the coal furnace. I felt like someone was behind me and then I saw my reflection on a distant and dark mirror, it was funny but I was really scared for a moment.

  • taylor

    hi i form riverside california and i am 13 years old and i hav raed 3 novels 4 fact books and 15 utobiographys in the past 4 years i love love love love love love the TITANIC i never been to a exhibition though.
    whats it like?

  • taylor

    all yal guys talking about titanic haunted u r CRAZY i have to agree with this mckayla it wouldnt be creepy it would be cooooooooooool!?

  • Allie :)

    I recently visited the one in Branson, MS. I’m 15 years old and I’m really interested in Titanic. I know more about it than most grown ups. But anyways, I went to the museum in December of 2011. Right as I walked in I got this instant feeling that I was an actual member aboard the Titanic. I felt like I was actually sailing along the voyage.

    There is a room in the museum that makes you feel like you are outside of the Titanic at the spot that Jack lets Rose ‘Fly’. It is made to be cold & have sounds as if you’re really outside of the ship. When I entered the room I got this instant feeling that I was on the boat as it was sinking. I had to leave because I felt something inside me wanting to leave, not wanting to go through the torture anymore.

    Just yesterday, I noticed all these ghost stories & thought I should share mine. I think a spirit from Titanic might have taken over my body while I was on the ship. Because the feelings left as I left the museum.

  • Allie :)

    Oh yeah, I also got to be apart of the Rose Petal Ceremony for the 100 year anniversary. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should Google it. :)

  • maria

    I find all your stories fascinating and would love to visit a titanic exhibit myself just dont now when it will be here in houston

  • The girl

    Hi, I went to the titanic exibit in las Vegas, and those of you that say it was cold because of ghost, well I have news for you. They made it cold because it was cold the night of April 14 and the morning of April 15. As for the rocking feeling, they were playing tricks on your mind, they had sound effects and wind machines to simulate being on a ship. This, for some people, creates a swaying sensation. And for the grief some people felt, overall titanic was a sad event in history. So most people will have a little grief for it. For me I was the most sad in the iceberg room and the room with the big piece of the ship in it. I am NOT SAYING that there are not ghost in the exibit, there very well could be, but I did not experience any paranormal activity while at the exibit. Overall I really enjoyed the titanic exibit and found it very interesting! TitanicLover out,PEACE!!! 😀

  • Lsj

    My son & I saw the exhibit in Orlando a few days ago. We both felt like we were “rocking” when we were walking the deck, didn’t think much of it, until I read more claims here. Also, I have an app for EVP’s on my iPhone, just for kicks I asked anyone who wanted to talk to us may do so through the phone. Don’t you know the only word to appear was “watch” just as we stood over a display case housing a large pocket watch! Interesting…….

  • Amy

    When I want there, I kid you not..I talked to one of the ghosts.
    I though he was actors. (and a break, breaking character)He was dressed in blacks and grays, I just saw on corner of my eye. As I saw him coming so I stepped out of his way..Thinking was in his way. I don’t really remember what we talked about just min or or so. I was playing with my..did you live or not card..they give you. As I was reading if I lived.
    what I kind of remember is he made mention to my card…asking if I made it or not..I said..”Yea with my fish food..” He laughed something like. “..Dying is easy, what comes after is hard..” Then he walked away. Then, seeing how am eger baver I out beat my parents brother..they still at beginning so I want back, after I got lost for moment lol..and I heard people were whining asking why they cant take pictures on grand staircase(maybe you guys could at my exhibit we couldn’t) saying they say the actors gong up and down it..and I have no idea why that would make it ok…lol. for us too..BUT of non actors but people in changed said, rarely is an actor/other on it..if not to clean or check on it..

    so yea lol…odd..I wonder?

  • Shelagh

    I went to the exhibit in Nov.2013 in Vegas. I do believe in ghosts, but I don’t believe I experienced any while I was there. I did feel deep emotion from the moment I walked in the first room though. I read every word of every display. As soon as I walked into the room and turned and saw the huge piece of wreckage displayed, I burst into tears. It was very eery and deeply moving and sad, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and would go again in a heartbeat.

  • Allison

    On June 19th, 2009, my mother took me to the Science museum of Minnesota. I was only 12 but the memories are branded into both our heads. We had been looking at artifacts in one of the first few rooms, when we saw this man talking to these two men. He was dressed up as though he was an actor trying to reenact one of the doormen from the titanic. They seemed to ignore him which we thought was pretty rude.

    My mother and I were looking at a set up of one of the third class rooms when he came up to us. He told us that the Titanic was the first ship to have mattresses in third class. (Which turned out to be true). He spoke with a weird mixture of an English and Irish accent. He wore a dark grey uniform and white shirt. He looked in his early twenties and seemed very exciting to share information with us “passengers”

    We thanked him for the information and continued looking through the exhibit. We watched him walk toward the corner and I followed to ask him a question. However when we got to the next room he was not there. We quickly went farther but saw still no sign of him. On that day there had been no actors dressed up and a living man would’ve made noise going through the exhibit that fast.

    I am certain that what we saw was a ghost of a Titanic crew member.

  • Meg

    “There were 3,547 people on the Olympic-class passenger liner, the largest steam-powered passenger ship in the world, as it left the harbor on its maiden voyage.”

    If ~1500 died and about 705 were saved, that’s only roughly 2,205. Is the ~3,547 maybe the max capacity, not the number of passengers and crew aboard for the tragic journey?

  • Meg

    A related anecdote regarding exhibit visitor’s extreme emotional reactions:

    I visited the Princess Diana exhibit when it came through Houston, as well as the Titanic exhibition, and the Johnstown Flood Museum, the 1900 Galveston Hurricane museum, and, on top of all that, used to work in installations of visiting exhibits at the Houston Holocaust Museum.

    Of all of those, it was the Pricess Diana exhibit that caught me off guard and sent me sobbing into the nearest restroom. Having seen what I consider the worst I hope to see in the most graphic pictures from the holocaust, and all those other tragic exhibits first, I considered myself prepared for anything.

    I think the unexpected, extreme emotional response I had was due to my assumption that I would not be moved, that I had seen sadder things, had thicker skin. Many of you report not being very emotional, and felt your unexpected grief was mysterious in origin. I’m not trying to debunk every story; but I am offering an alternate scenario to consider.

    The exhibit was designed to present the human tragedy at a personal level, to immerse you in the experiences of real people. As you were surrounded by deeply poignant artifacts and reconstructions, and culminating with the “did “you” live or die?” finale, the tragedy lost some of its mythical status. Visitors were confronted with the very real horrors of the disaster in a new psychological way. We are all mortal, and potentially subject to all the sufferings that have befallen our fellow creatures, past, present and future, bound only by our unbound imagination. Past disasters are just examples. Something similar could happen to us, without warning.

    Perhaps that jarring shift in perception, that hard focus of a different lens, struck you so suddenly you didn’t even conciously understand the crashing force of sorrow, grief, and terror that engulfed you, the surprise of it making at that more unsettling.

    I was overwhelmed for “no reason” at the Diana exhibit, but I think it was a combination of that unexpected destruction of my presumed armor, and that emotional reaction opened up the “safely locked away” emotion from past exposure to other exhibits, books, and documentaries and their truths of the previous tragedies. I know that today, were I to visit Ground Zero, for example, I would be nearly prostrate with the weight of the loss. And the fear of future disasters

    I think the ultimate result, these unexpected overwhelming reactions, isn’t entirely separate from the possibility of “otherworldly” machinations. Both are related to the heavy strain of the manipulation of emotions. The influence can be from multiple sources of human energy.

    My mind is pretty overwhelmed itself after trying to posit this out to you all!

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