Franklin Castle Cleveland Ohio

When the people of the Cleveland Ohio region hear about Franklin Castle, they think of a beautiful home that was cursed upon by its first master Hannes Tiedemann. Built in 1865, by Hannes himself, the Gothic style mansion was home to his wife, their many children, and his mother.

Tiedemann, a wholesale grocer and later bank president, but was also thought to be an abusive man who would take his anger out on his family. Tragedy first struck the home  about 16 years after it was built, when Hannes Tiedemann’s daughter Emma died from diabetes, though rumor has it that she had committed suicide by hanging from the attic rafters. Soon after, his mother Weibekka passed away from unknown causes along with three more of the Tiedemann children a few years after that.

To help his wife Louise heal from the deaths of their family members, he began to construct several additions such as a grand ballroom with secret rooms and passages throughout the house. Some say that his three young children were buried inside one of the secret rooms. In 1895, his wife Louise died from liver disease, however many believe that Hannes had murdered her.

Legend also states that Hannes Tiedemann’s young niece was murdered by being hung from one of the rafters while one of his servants was strangled by him because of a fit of rage and jealousy. It’s been also told that Hannes had a mistress who he also killed within the walls of Franklin Castle.

Tiedemann sold his home to Mullhauser family shortly after his wife died, and they lived in the home until 1913 where it was sold once again to the German Socialist Party. Legend said that the socialist party were actually Nazi spies who had killed some of their members and also buried them within the secret rooms and passages. James Romano and his family purchased the home in 1968 when it was reported that the century and a half old mansion was experiencing strange occurrences which has led to the reputation of being the most haunted house in the state of Ohio.

Some of the paranormal activities that were told by the Romano family are of children crying, faces appearing in the woodwork. They also claimed that there was a ghost of a young girl that would speak with their children. Claims of a bloodstain that’s located on one of the ball marble floors several years after they were replaced. A woman in black appears in the window who has been claimed to be Rachel, the young servant girl who was supposedly murdered by Hannes Tiedemann. The Romano’s moved out in 1976 when they were told that there was going to be a death in the future. Some have seen apparitions of Hannes himself roaming through the park where he died at.

In 1999, there was a fire that broke out in the Franklin Castle which severely damaged parts of the historic structure. As of today, its unknown if repairs have been made to the house, however its stated that Franklin Castle will become a church however, money is being raised for the renovations by donations, holding tours, and letting patrons spend the night at the cursed castle.

Was the Franklin Castle really cursed or were the stories just folklore’s that were passed on for several years by several residents of Cleveland Ohio? Its hard to resist a good ghost story especially at a home as infamous as Franklin Castle. Many people who knew Hannes Tiedemann said he was not the friendliest of people , however he was incapable of murdering so many people. Learning the actual truth lies within the walls of one of the most haunted places in America, revealing what really happened has to be seen for ourselves.


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    I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon!

  • anne

    driving by this past Tuesday, there was a sign that said “Tuesday Tour 9pm”.
    Would like to know if Tours at the castle are every Tuesday at 9pm?

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  • Sheila Motko

    My father was born and raised in Cleveland,Ohio..he remembers that house! My great grandmother and great grandfather lived five miles from that house. I have been in the car driving by that (this was back in 1971) house just passing in a car I felt something..very erie about that house. Passing by it, I had a glmips of a young womam..could have been a teenager in one of the windows on the third floor,but just a glimps cause we were driving by it at night

  • Anonymous

    I was there tonight. took a picture outside it with my friend before trying to see if we could see anything. which we did not. however, i got home and uploaded the photos and the woman was in the hole in the window behind us. only in the photo.

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