Fort Monroe Hauntings

Fort Monroe in Hampton, Va. is the largest fort in the United States. The fort has been constantly occupied since 1823 and is one of two forts completely surrounded by a moat. It was originally built to protect Jamestown and was used to control the coast line during the Civil War. It is one of only four Southern forts that can lay claim that it was never captured. With the long and historic role it has played in America’s past it is no wonder it is one of the most haunted places in America.

There is no wonder that due to the historical significance of this grand stone fortress that some of its ghostly inhabitants are well known participants in American history. Abraham Lincoln has been reported seen in the house called Old Quarter’s Number One standing next to the fireplace. Also reports of the great Northern General, Ulysses S. Grant have also been seen around the house.

For two years, from 1885-87, Confederate President Jefferson Davis was imprisoned in the fort. His apparition has been reportedly seen walking near the flagpole of the fort. His wife, Varina, who stayed in the home across from his cell, has also been reported standing in the window of her old room staring at where Jefferson Davis was held.

Though these ghosts may have famous names attached to them, there is still plenty more paranormal activity reported around Fort Monroe. One is that of the wife of an officer stationed at the fort. The story is told that he was a very jealous man, known for his fits of rage and much older than his wife. His wife soon fell into the arms of a younger man. Caught one night, the husband drew his pistol and shot his wife where she stood. His wife apparition, known as the Luminous Lady, is said to walk the alley behind the officer’s quarters.

The alley in which this woman’s spirit roams has been dubbed Ghost Alley. It is claimed to also have two more spirits walking around in this area. In another officer’s home bordering the alley, a spirit has made itself known by rattling pots and pans in the kitchen. It has been reported the people who have stayed in the home and displayed roses anywhere in or around the home will awaken to the pedals being torn and thrown all over the place.

The last spirit associated with the alley is that of a child. Said to be in the basement of an enlisted man’s home, occupants have heard a child’s laugh and toys have been turned on and off and moved around. Though no history of this child has been discovered, it is said that it is around 5 years old.

A hotel on the base, the Chamberlain, has also had a spirit of a woman walking the eighth floor. This female ghost has appeared many times and has been reported to be so disturbing that the floor was eventually closed to all guests. The Chamberlain has currently gone through a $54 million renovation and will reopen as luxury apartments for seniors. We’ll see if this spirit will return also.

Fort Monroe is still in use today by the U.S. Army as the IMCOM Installation Management Command Northeast Region.


  • Adrian Cornett

    I was stationed there as a Military Policeman, during my patrol duties I saw wierd things at the Pet Cemetery, one night in mid Novemeber of 1988 I saw a figure of a horse and buggy at the cemetery, the sky was clear and the moon was shining. I even exited my police cruiser and it stayed there for several minutes, when I looked around and then looked back to the area it was at, it was gone.

  • bob acra

    edgar allan poe was stationed there and his ghostly figure has been seen there as well
    not sure of the dates he was there but i think it was early 1800s

  • Becca K.

    I have a client who was stationed at Fort Monroe with his family. His daughter used to play with a little girl in a brown dress who wouldn’t ever talk and would disappear out the upstairs window. He had thought that this was make believe until one day he saw a reflection of a little girl in his computer screen. After hearing this story I had gotten curious as to where the little girl came from and what had happened to her, only to find that there are very few documented accounts of her. If anyone knows I would be happy to hear of her.

  • tom williams

    i was working in building 27 one saturday morning and we heard banging coming from the ceiling or it might have been the duct work, anyway i and him were building walls and i had the scafolding aginst the door well someone or something was trying very hard to open the door so i moved the scafolding and saw a image of civil war soldier standing at the door you see the hat the gold buttons on his uniform and also he had a beard and a confederate uniform on you could see it clearly and then he turned around as if he were mad that we there and then walked down the steps and you could hear him walking down the steps and then you heard three doors slam shut and he was gone like in thin air

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