Clovis Wolfe Manor Hauntings

Clovis Sanitarium, now known as Wolfe Manor, was an 8,000 square foot mansion in Clovis, California built by Tony Andriotti, an Italian immigrant, in the early 1900’s. Today, it is a legend among haunted houses, being the most popular Halloween attraction in all of California.

During the Great Depression, Clovis Wolfe Manor changed ownership, having been purchased by one Mrs. Bashears. In 1942, she opened the Clovis Sanitarium. The convalescent home of the mentally ill was incredibly over-crowded and under-staffed, a bad combination when it comes to housing the insane.

It is said that thousands of people died within the walls of Clovis Wolfe Manor before it was finally shut down in 1997. Clovis Sanitarium was only large enough to hold 100-150 patients at a time, but often held many more than the capacity it was designed for. There were so many patients in Clovis Wolfe Manor at any given time that some were forced to sleep in the halls.

Without proper staffing to attend the mentally ill, death ran rampant through the halls of the now haunted mansion. There was no morgue in Clovis Sanitarium, so when deaths were reported it would sometimes take days before anyone came to pick up the bodies. They were stored in the basement no telling how long.

Former workers of Clovis Wolfe Manor told tales of abuse, neglect and conditions that were well below standard for a medical facility.

After it was closed, Todd Wolfe purchased the old boarded up sanitarium and renamed it Clovis Wolfe Manor, opening the doors to the public as a popular Halloween attraction – and quite the attraction it was. Not just for costume wearing thrill seekers, but for the spirits of those who were born, lived and died within Clovis Wolfe Manor over the prior 50 years.

Todd Wolfe himself has claimed multiple occurrences of paranormal activity. He was a strong skeptic of the paranormal before purchasing the eerie mansion, but now believes it is truly haunted. He has felt hot breath on the back of his neck; he’s been touched by something when no one else was in the room to have caused such contact.

Volunteers of the Clovis Wolfe Manor kept their distance from a particular bedroom that made them feel uneasy, reporting strange incidents within the manor.

One of the most common unexplained occurrences is the multitude of 911 calls coming from the Clovis Wolfe Manor. Alarm alerts came through on numerous occasions. The mansion had no phone lines nor any security alarms installed, yet police responded to the calls and alarms multiple times.

Clovis Wolfe Manor has been the subject of multiple paranormal investigations, and the verdict seems to be fairly compliant from all groups of investigators – Clovis Wolfe Manor is indeed haunted.

Todd Wolfe continues to host tours of Clovis Wolfe Manor as well as live broadcasts of the former sanitarium every Saturday night, but he continues to get most of his visitors on or within the month of Halloween.


  • Jamie

    I live by tht house i always see some 2 little twin girls looking at me thru the window

  • Daniel

    I live by it too! It’s kind of thrilling knowing that something so surreal as this is so close to my home.
    Ghost Adventures also did a good job on depicting the Wolfe Manor.

  • Elizabeth

    Wolfe manor is creepy my grandma used to work there she said that it was awful and I believe her.

  • Jack Geston

    My Great Aunt Gladys Wood-Brashears was the owner of the facilty, until here passing in 1982. Does anyone have any pictures they would like too share.

  • telme

    I made weekly visits to Clovis Sanitarium for 3 years in 71-72-73. I remember Mrs.Brashears. Ronald Raegen’s closure of state hospitals flooded this place with old crazy people. Thank god for thorazine—at least the didn’t know they had been freed from the state hospital only to be sent to hell. Despite licensing and inspections Mrs. Brashears (I always thought her first name was Mrs. LOL) did whatever and however she wanted. The staff despised her but many of them were sadistic in their own ways. If that place isn’t haunted it deserves to be. Mrs. Brashears definately deserves her own room there.

  • Joann

    my older brother lives near there and we went and saw the owner and when I was looking at the window, I saw a ghost up in the window. It was very scary

  • brando

    I have been there just at the door have seen some spirits in the window and been attacked and followed by a spirit from there there use to be a cult of demon worshippers there back in the day and I am a shaman and warn all agaisnt this place people have been found crazy there after a dare and put in crazy hospitals they were severly tramatized or possesed by spirits of the such. Many beleifs from a portal to the spirital world and more did some reserach got testimonies and went there myself highly warn all agaisnt this place

  • Kerry Winchester

    “Gladys Brashears was my Great Aunt. That would be my Grandmother’s (Jesse Wood Schneider) older sister. Myself and my cousins have chatted much about Aunt Gladys and her Sanitorium. My mother, her niece, got a lovely Christmas card from her and her husband, Lee brashears, faithfuly every year, until her death. My sister tells me that Gladys attended my nephews baby shower, me being at school that day. Whenever my beloved Great Aunt Marge,(My mothers favorite aunt) would visit from L.A., They would stop at our house and pick up my mom and have a little family reunion at some nearby restaurant. All my second or third cousins should remember this. And, from what I remember, the Wood sisters had a strange kind’ve tradition going, that when each sister died, a spoke would be removed from a wheel in a flower arrangement and placed on the grave. As far as creepy or evil, I’ve only been told that Aunt Gladys was a SHREWD business woman and knew how to pinch a penny. So the overcrowded beds and rooms situation doesnt surprise me. There wasnt a lot of financial generosity in the family. And my grandmother and her husband Henry lived a few blocks down the road from Clovis Sanitorium. As a child, I remember passing by the old place on the way to Grandmas. My Grandma and my Aunt Loretta did’nt have a lot of nice things to say about Clovis Sanitorium. I was told several times by my mother, Ethel Stokes, and my Aunt Loretta, who was sent to help out at the old Sanitorium when she got out of hand as a child as a means of punishment, that

  • Kerry Winchester

    Part Two-
    that our family (Before I was born) would go to live there in the main house. My mother would say that she had memories of the whole family eating at the table there. I would sit and just listen to some of the stories. Generaly. Mom didnt have many pleasant memories of older family members. These are bits and pieces of stories I’ve heard, so if anybody has more color…

  • M.WAY

    I live in fresno, ca and I so want to visit this place! Are there tours still going on here? If so, can we do our own evp’s? I’d like to catch something there. It would be a beautiful memory to hold on to when I get older. XD

  • Steve

    I live 3 miles from the old house. They no longer have tours as the building is unsafe and is due to be demolished. This was the latest news I heard from the local newspaper. If you want to see the place you can, but it is fenced off. it can be seen from the street. I would not dare enter at this point, for sure the spiritual residents are not pleased that their home is going to be torn down.

  • Sarita

    It is so sad to know that the patients were treated so horribly. The house is very intriguing even though it’s an eyesore now.


    After we have dinner tonight at my mothers in Clovis my daughter (9) and i are headed to the mansion to have a look see.

    We’ll attempt to take pictures and post. Wish us luck!

  • Linda

    Well, on a sad note…the City of Clovis has given Mr. Wolfe till Nov. 3rd to get what he wants out of the Manor. The City is gonna tear it down and then add a lien on his property to cover the demolition cost. I find this unfair to Mr. Wolfe who did his best to secure and defend his house. It is truly sad that this Landmark house will not be there anymore. They have deemed it an eyesore and a nuisance. For a 93 yr. old house in my opinion it looks pretty good.

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