Castle Hill Manor Apparitions

The Castle Hill Manor in Charlottesville, Virginia was built in 1765 and sits on a 1280 acre farm. It was built by a Dr. Thomas Walker, then the politician William Cabell Rives married into the Walker family and expanded the manor in 1819. Today the Castle Hill Manor is a lavish 8,300 square foot main house with beautiful gardens, grand rooms, pools and one of the most haunted places in America.

Dr. Walker was sympathetic to the efforts of the revolution during the Revolutionary War. He and other members of the house was said to have delayed British Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton at the Castle during what was supposed to be a surprise raid on Monticello. This allowed Virginia legislators along with Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry who were meeting there to escape unharmed.

It is this Revolutionary War history that has lead to one of the ghosts at Castle Hill Manor. Physic’s that have visited the home and particularly the pink bedroom, have felt a gentle presence in the room. They also conclude that this ghost is from the Revolutionary War era and tends to be a little playful. Though no definite conclusion can be reached it is generally thought that this could be one of the ladies of the Manor that “intrigue” the British soldiers to stay a little longer.

William Rives granddaughter, Amélie Rives occupied the home up until 1945. She was a successful poet, playwright and novelist. Amélie and her husband, Prince Pierre Troubetzkoy, was said to be fascinated with the occult and held a few séances in the house. It doesn’t come as a surprise that she and her guests also had reported paranormal activity at the house. Amélie herself reporting to smell a strange perfume, which she knew was not one of her fragrances, around the house on many occasions.

In the 1930’s a producer came to stay at Castle Hill Manor looking to secure film rights to one of the plays Amélie had written. The stay lasted one night as the Producer was awaken in the middle of the night by a ghost demanding he leave the Manor immediately. The next morning he did just that.

Amélie Rives died in 1945 and is buried at Castle Hill Manor. This has led some to believe that the second spirit that has been seen in the home is that of Amélie. Guests and staff have reported seeing an apparition of a young women a few times throughout the home.

There have been continuous reports of mysterious footsteps, chairs that have been moved across a room, sounds of glass clinking as if there were toasts being made at a formal dinner, strange noises and some reporting that they wake up with a strong feeling of someone looking over them.

A lot of guest that stayed the night in the pink bedroom, Amélie Rives bedroom, have seen a seemly playful pretty woman walking in and around the room. It is rumored that she only disturbs the people she does not like or want in her room. The rest she lets sleep in peace. No one has made a definite connection to Amélie Rives as of yet.

With regular séances being held in the home and the rich history, who knows how many ghosts reside in Castle Hill Manor today.


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